Easy Watercolor Fruit Painting Ideas

These watercolor fruit painting ideas will inspire you if you want to improve your painting skills. Watercolor fruit paintings are a beautiful way to add a splash of color to any space. And what better way to add a personal touch than by creating your beautiful watercolor art?

There are endless possibilities when painting fruit, from luscious pears to ripe strawberries. But where do you start? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Choose your colors carefully. When painting fruit, it’s important to use colors that are true to life. If you’re unsure which colors to use, look at real fruit for inspiration.

Pay attention to detail. The little things can make a world of difference in your painting. From the seeds in strawberries and peaches to freckles on a peach, it’s important to bring out the small details.

Experiment with light and shadow. Painting fruit is an excellent opportunity to experiment with light and shadow. Pay attention to how the light falls on the fruit, and let that guide your brushstrokes.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to paint some beautiful fruit paintings of your own.

Watercolor Mandarin Orange

watercolor mandarin orange
Artist Credit: sophneu

There’s something so beautiful and creative, this watercolor mandarin orange painting. I love how the artist has stepped outside the box by painting an orange that’s being peeled.

Watercolor Peaches

watercolor peaches
Artist Credit: studio.shaapaints

The choice of vibrant colors has captured the essence of the fruit. For peaches, I typically use a pale orange for the peel, and a mixture of orange and a deep rose for the skin.

Simple Watercolor Pear

Simple Watercolor Pear
Artist Credit: rosemarycalligraphy

While some paintings are complex and detailed, sometimes simple pictures can be the most beautiful. Such is the case with this pear painting.

Watercolor Bananas

Watercolor Bananas

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, consider painting some watercolor bananas. The warm yellow hues of this fruit make them perfect for experimenting with color tones and shading.

Watercolor Pineapple

Watercolor Pineapple
Artist Credit: mdpdesigns

There are so many different ways to paint a pineapple. The artist has gone with a creative technique for the appearance of the fruit.

Fun Watercolor Strawberry

Watercolor Strawberry
Artist Credit: mariatriestoart

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, so they’re always been one of my favorite things to paint. If you’ve ever thought about dabbling in oil pastels, this will look awesome done with that medium too.

Bright Watercolor Lemons

Bright Watercolor Lemons
Artist Credit: lorangerieaquarelles

Lemon paintings are always great because they come off as being so bright and vibrant. Your lemon watercolor painting will look great framed and hanging on your wall.

Watercolor Watermelon

Watercolor Watermelon
Artist Credit: kurisu.sketches

I like how the artist has painted the watermelon whole, cut in half, and cut in quarters. If you want to learn how to paint this watermelon, Alicia Aradilla offers watercolor tutorials on Patreon.

Elegant Watercolor Figs

Watercolor Figs
Artist Credit: jolapictures

Consider figs if you’re looking for something fun and different to paint. Figs are a delicious, versatile fruit. When choosing fresh figs, look for fruit that is plump and fragrant.

Single Watercolor Strawberry

Single Watercolor Strawberry

Create a single strawberry with watercolors. Start by sketching out the shape of the strawberry with a pencil. Then, begin to paint the strawberry with a light red hue. Once you’re satisfied with the color, use white paint to add details to the seeds. Finally, don’t forget to include the top leaf.

Watercolor Quince

Watercolor Quince

A quince fruit, pronounced as “kwins,” is a deciduous tree that bears hard, aromatic bright golden-yellow pome fruit. It’s similar in appearance to a pear and belongs to its own genus, Cydonia.

Three Pears

three watercolor pears
Artist Credit: fairy.tree.studios

If you want to practice painting still-life, try arranging three pears before you and painting what you see. You can also do this with bananas or apples.

Watercolor Cherries

watercolor cherries
Artist Credit: anna.m.bucciarelli

There’s something about the bright red color of cherries that makes them fun to paint. And they’re relatively easy to paint, too—just a few strokes of color for the fruit and a little green for the stem.

Watercolor Plum

Watercolor Plum

The deep, rich tones of a ripe plum provide the perfect color palette to play with. The watercolor plum is a beautiful and versatile fruit that can bring to life any painting.

Watercolor Oranges

watercolor oranges
Artist Credit: covadonga_acuarelas

These watercolor oranges are stunning. The artist has done a great job incorporating personal style into their art. Make sure you do the same thing with your paintings.

Watermelons and Leaves

Watermelons and Leaves
Artist Credit: colormedley

Add a twist to your painting by incorporating leaves or flowers with your fruit.

Assorted Fruit

Artist Credit: black_aneri

Irena has done a great job here painting realistic assorted fruit. If you like her art style, visit her Etsy shop, where she creates digital clipart and printable bookmarks.

Cherries with Heart Stem

Cherries with Heart Stem
Artist Credit: aquarellchillart

Don’t be afraid to play around with your art. Here, you can see that the stems of the cherries have been turned into a heart. Visit the Aquarell Chill RedBubble shop to see more watercolor fruit art.

Summer Fruit Composition

Summer fruit composition
Artist Credit: annamel_art

I love this because it shows how you can easily paint your watercolor fruit. In this painting, you can see an orange slice, a strawberry, cherries, a pear, a watermelon, and more.

Watercolor Orange Slice

Watercolor Orange Slice

This simple painting idea is perfect for beginners who are just starting out with watercolors. Not only do you get to practice your blending and shading techniques, but you also get to capture the wonderful colors of an orange slice.

These fruit paintings are perfect if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to improve your watercolor painting skills. With just a few simple steps, you can create beautiful art pieces that will brighten your day.

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