14 Flower Paintings That Will Inspire Your Inner Artist

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These flower paintings are perfect for inspiring your inner artist. If you love acrylic paint, watercolor paint, gouache paint, and more, you’ll love these painting ideas. Also, if you want to get better at painting flowers, make sure you check out these step-by-step flower drawing tutorials.

How to Draw a Flower

1. Start with a basic flower shape. You can use a reference photo or sketch to help you get the proportions right. Use a light color for the first layer so you can easily make corrections.

2. Once you’re happy with the basic shape, start adding in layers of color. Work from light to dark, or mix colors together to create new shades.

3. To add depth and dimension to your painting, try using different brushstrokes. For example, you can use long strokes for the petals and short strokes for the center of the flower.

I hope these three easy tips will help you get started on your painting. Now, let’s get to the 14 painting ideas to inspire you.


1. Daisies on Black Background

The colors really pop in this painting of daisies on a black background. The artist has done a great job with the color palette for this piece.

Daisies on Black Background
Check Out The Artist: contemporary_art29

2. Watercolor Flowers in Vase

If you enjoy watercolor painting, you’ll be inspired by this beautiful painting of flowers in a round vase. Get creative by painting all of your favorite flowers.

Watercolor Flowers in Vase
Check Out The Artist: doodle_swarna

3. Vibrant Flowers

This artist has used watercolor paint to create vibrant and beautiful flowers. This painting is perfect for helping you perfect your watercolor shading techniques.

Vibrant Flowers
Check Out The Artist: helenschwan.arts

4. Flower Using Muted Colors

I love how these flowers have been painted with muted colors. The muted tones create a calming effect and are great for botanical paintings.

Flower Using Muted Colors
Check Out The Artist: jaffcolors

5. Flowers and Macarons

Here’s a painting that’s both delicious and beautiful! This painting can be purchased from the artist and would be perfect for a kitchen or dining room.

Flowers and Macarons
Check Out The Artist: jfongstyle

6. Daisy Flowers in a Vase

I just love the soft glow of this painting of daisy flowers in a vase. This painting is so beautiful and peaceful to look at.

Daisy Flowers in a Vase
Check Out The Artist: marina_k._art

7. Daisy Flowers on Canvas

This is another beautiful painting of daisy flowers. This time, the daisies are painted on canvas. After learning how to paint daisies, you’re going to love showing off your work to your friends and loved ones.

Daisy Flowers on Canvas
Check Out The Artist: mel_farrenkopf

8. Purple Flower Oil Painting

These purple flowers are created using oil paints. Unlike acrylic paint which is water-based. Oil paint is made from drying oils with a medium of animal fat or synthetic polymer.

Purple Flower Oil Painting
Check Out The Artist: nellyzen

9. Beautiful Sunflower Painting

If you’re a lover of sunflowers, I think you’ll love this beautiful sunflower painting. This flower painting was done using watercolor paints.

Beautiful Sunflower Watercolor Painting
Check Out The Artist: rosamondjourdanart

10. Daisies on the Beach

If you’re looking for a landscape-style painting, this piece of art that features a field of daisies on the beach is the perfect reference and inspiration for your next painting.

Daisies on the Beach
Check Out The Artist: suleenurss

11. Yellow Tulips

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. They are a beautiful flower that does a great job of brightening up a room. This painting is an 8×10 piece that is available for sale by the artist.

Yellow Tulips Painting
Check Out The Artist: wilcoxstudio

12. Field of Poppies

Poppies are a popular flower to paint amongst artists. Here’s what the artist says about this painting “Poppies are a universal symbol of hope that all life goes on since they flourish and germinate even in disturbed soil.”

Field of Poppies
Check Out The Artist: aeichin

13. Pink and Orange Roses

These pink and orange roses have been painted so beautifully. A painting such as this can be done with your favorite painting medium, whether it’s acrylic, watercolor, oil, gouache, or ink.

Pink and Orange Roses
Check Out The Artist: art_by_basudha

14. Orange Flowers on Blue

The artist has titled this piece “Orange Flowers on Blue.” This is a still-life flower painting that serves as a great inspiration for painters. I love how bold the colors for this painting are.

Orange Flowers on Blue
Check Out The Artist: christinakentart

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon, why not try painting flowers? These painting references are perfect for beginners and advanced artists. Plus, they’ll help you tap into your inner artist.