15 Watercolor Flower Painting Ideas That Will Inspire You

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If you’re looking for watercolor flower painting ideas and inspiration, I’ve got you covered. You’ll love these easy watercolor flowers.

Below, you’ll find an inspiring variety of flower watercolor paintings. From beginner-friendly to advanced, you’re sure to find a painting for your skill level.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, look no further than your own backyard or local park.

Consider painting the flowers you see around you. You can even purchase flowers from your local market to use for inspiration.


Use Watercolor Paper

Whenever you watercolor, it’s important to use watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is heavier and is good at properly absorbing moisture. It will not tear or pill.

large watercolor flower painting

What a stunning photo featuring two beautiful floral watercolor paintings. I love the choice of colors used in these paintings.

Credit: tanya_bonya

watercolor flowers and tea cups

This painting of flowers inside of tea cups is so beautiful and creative. Prints can be purchased from Qi Zhan on Etsy.

Credit: zhanqi_illustrator

Purchase Quality Tools

As a watercolor artist, having the right tools can make a big difference in your work.

Using quality tools and materials is a great way to ensure that your finished work has the best possible results.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money either. You can purchase quality paper, brushes, and paints at a reasonable price.

watercolor red flower

I love the detail involved in the creation of these flowers. What a lovely piece of art.

Credit: anna_pole

pink flowers

I love the art style used to create this painting. It’s clear that this artist is super talented.

Credit: mediajamshidi

Pay Attention to Your Brushes

When you start with watercolor, you may feel that you need a large assortment of brushes. This isn’t true.

Certain types of brushes will give you different results. To start, you’ll want to have the following brushes: a spotter brush, round brush, flat brush, mop brush, liner brush, and a fan brush.

If you own these seven types of brushes, you’ll be off to a good start.

purple flowers with branches

I’m loving the colors used for this painting. The colors are so bold and make this piece of art really stand out.

Credit: ihappygirl

pink roses watercolor

These flowers look so real and almost like they’re popping off of the page. What a great painting.

Credit: miakishewaliza

Start Light Then Go Dark

When you watercolor, you’ll want to start with light colors and work your way towards the darker shades.

It would be best if you did this because once you apply the dark colors, it’s more difficult to undo any errors.

pastel watercolor flowers

I love the soft colors used for these watercolor flowers. These paintings are so soft and feminine.

Credit: nataliestudio

red and pink flowers with leaves

This painting would look awesome in a frame. It would also make a great handmade greeting card.

Credit: inga.buividavice

Mixing Your Paint

When mixing paint, it’s good to mix more paint than you think you’ll need. That’s because if you run out of the color, it won’t be easy to get the exact shade that you were using previously.

girl holding drink with watercolor flower painting

If you’re looking for a simple floral watercolor reference, this is a great photo to use for inspiration.

Credit: lemontreepaperco

large rose painting

I love how realistic this painting looks. The artist chose great colors for this floral watercolor painting.

Credit: evgenyasheglova

Make Sure You Have Paper Towels

As you are working on your paintings, you’ll find that it’s beneficial to have paper towels on hand.

You can use them to clean and dab your brush. You can also use paper towels to dab your paper while you work.

calla lily flower painting

This watercolor painting showcases the beautiful calla lily flower.

Credit: nuii_art

tall flower painting

I love the simplicity of this watercolor painting. As you can see, the artist is using real flowers as a reference.

Credit: joanniehoule_art 

Use Masking Tape

If you want clean edges on your project, use masking tape to frame your painting.

It’s essential to make sure you have a tight seal on the tape so that paint doesn’t get through and ruin your clean edge.

purple and pink watercolor flower paintings with branches

If you’re looking for some pink and purple inspiration, you can use these gorgeous paintings for reference.

Credit: yogocode

watercolor flower bouquet

I love the dark colors used to create this floral painting. I also really like how the paints blend into each other.

Credit: rtmalygina

vintage style flower painting

After creating something like this, it would look wonderful framed and hanging on your wall.

Credit: mysiogonek

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