20 Winter Watercolor Painting Ideas

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Winter is a magical time of year, and painting with watercolors can help you capture the beauty of the season.

From frosty landscapes to isolated cabins, there are so many unique ideas for your winter watercolor painting. Take some inspiration from these 20 inspiring winter watercolor painting ideas.

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1. Red Cabin In the Mountains

Red Cabin In the Mountains

This beautiful scene of a red cabin in the middle of snowy mountains is perfect for winter watercolor painting. The soft blues and whites give a sense of peace and serenity, while the warm red cabin brings warmth and coziness to your painting.

2. Cute Bear Hybernating

Bear Sleeping Underground

Capture the beauty of winter hibernation with this painting of a bear sleeping underground. You can draw your own sketch or use one that’s already provided to create your perfect winter scene.

3. Cozy Red Cabin with Rabbits

Cozy Red Cabin with Rabbits
iStock/Madina Asileva

The winter season is all about being cozy and warm, which makes this painting of a red cabin with rabbits the perfect choice. The combination of bright colors and cute animals is sure to bring life to any painting.

4. Candle with Dried Oranges and Cinnamon

Candle with Dried Oranges and Cinnamon
iStock/Olena Slobodeniuk

Sometimes the best winter scenes don’t involve snow or animals, and this painting of a candle with dried oranges and a cinnamon stick proves it. The warm colors of orange and red are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, while the light from the candle adds an extra special touch.

5. Watercolor Spiced Cider

Watercolor Spiced Cider

Nothing quite screams winter like warm spiced cider, and this painting of a mug of it is the perfect way to capture that feeling.

6. House Inside a Snow Globe

House in a Snow Globe

This painting of a house inside a snow globe is a great way to capture the magic of winter. Use bright colors and details such as glittery snowflakes to create a whimsical scene.

7. Frozen Lake Watercolor Painting

Frozen Lake Watercolor Painting

This painting of a frozen lake is amazing. The colors come together to create an icy atmosphere. This is one painting that’s sure to be admired by your friends and family.

8. Hedgehog Wearing Winter Clothes

Hedgehog Wearing Winter Clothes

Here’s an adorable painting of a hedgehog wearing winter clothes that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Play around with different color combinations before you start your painting.

9. Evergreen Trees in the Snow

Evergreen Trees in the Snow

This painting of evergreen trees in the snow captures the beauty and serenity of winter. Feel free to include additional details such as rabbits, reindeer, or birds.

10. Two Birds on a Branch


I find birds to be the perfect way to capture winter in watercolors. Some of my favorite winter birds to paint are the Northern Cardinal, the American Robin, and the Dark-Eyed Junco.

11. Watercolor Male Deer

Watercolor Male Deer

When it comes to winter watercolor painting ideas, a male deer with large antlers is a classic choice. The soft, blending colors of watercolor lend themselves perfectly to creating the gentle tones that envelop this beautiful landscape.

12. Brown Bear Watercolor Painting

Brown Bear Watercolor Painting

Capture the beauty of winter with this painting of a brown bear standing in the grass. You can paint your bear standing in the snow, or even in the rain.

13. Fox and Rabbit

Fox and Rabbit

Nothing says winter like animals frolicking in the snow. This painting of a fox and rabbit in a winter field will surely inspire you to paint something beautiful.

14. Snowy Landscape

Snowy Landscape

Capture the beauty of winter by painting a snowy landscape with houses in the distance. The mountains and trees make a great addition to this painting.

15. Circular Mountain Landscape Painting

Circular Mountain Landscape Painting

As someone who loves all things nature and art, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful mountain landscape painting. Add in a cozy cabin nestled among the trees and a glistening lake nearby, and you’ve got a piece that practically transports you to the great outdoors.

These winter watercolor painting ideas are perfect for anyone looking to capture the beauty of the season. From icy landscapes to cozy cabins, each one is sure to bring life and charm to your art.

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