17 Beautiful Sunset Painting Ideas

Painting sunsets is a great way to create something beautiful and unique to hang on your walls or give as a gift. If you’re looking for painting ideas, here is a collection of stunning sunset paintings to inspire you to create your own masterpiece.

Sunsets are some of the most beautiful natural occurrences we witness. Although they last only a few moments, they can be captured forever with art. Enjoy browsing these ideas.

1. Big Clouds Painting

Sunset Landscape with Fluffy Clouds
Calm Sunset Landscape Video Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to paint a moonlit flower field with acrylic paint. The drawing is beautiful, as well as the color palette that was chosen.

2. Meeting In The Rain Painting

Girl with Cat Painting
Meeting In The Rain Video Tutorial

This video will show you the full drawing process for this “Meeting in the Rain” painting. With just a few simple tools, you can create an amazing work of art.

3. Sunset Landscape Paintings

Sunset Landscapes Painting
Sunset Landscapes Video Tutorial

If you like the look of these circular canvas paintings, be sure to watch the video tutorial showing the full drawing process using acrylic paint.

4. Sunset and Whales Painting

Sunset and Whales Painting
Credit: infinetties

Here’s a super cute painting of whales floating in the sky. A soft pastel color palette has been chosen, which gives the painting a whimsical feel.

5. Birds on a Power Line Painting

Birds on a Power Line
Credit: infinetties

If you enjoy painting on tiny canvases, this reference shows that you can create a stunning piece of art, even if you don’t have much space available.

6. Ferris Wheel Sunset Painting

Ferris Wheel Sunset
Credit: e.r.a.arts

A great way to capture the beauty of sunsets is with a painting featuring a Ferris wheel. You can choose from warm sunset hues of red and orange or go for a more dreamy look with blues and purples.

7. Lavender Field Painting

Lavender Field Painting
Credit: sceneaart

For a romantic look, a painting of a lavender field during sunset is the perfect choice. There’s also a landscape painting that features a waterfall.

8. Coastal Village Oil Painting

Coastal Village Oil Painting
Credit: monaedulescoart

Mona has done a wonderful job with this coastal village oil painting. If you like her work, she currently offers originals, prints, and commissions.

9. Seagull and Sunset Painting

Seagull and Sunset Painting
Credit: jenniferwang.arts

Painting a seagull with the sunset in the background is yet another great idea for sunset paintings. Showcase all the colors of the sky and bring an element of nature to your art.

10. Blue Lake Watercolor Painting

Blue Lake Watercolor Painting
Credit: fluttyarts

If you’re looking for a painting with more of a calming presence, consider creating a landscape with lakes, mountains, and trees.

11. Beach and the Night Sky Painting

Beach and the Night Sky Painting
Credit: dheajengm

For a captivating piece, paint a beach with a beautiful night sky. Capture the stars glimmering against the moonlight and this painting will provide a view that will stand out.

12. Guy Reading a Book Painting

Man Reading a Book Painting
Credit: christopperart

If you want to add a human element to your painting, consider including a figure in the foreground of your sunset painting. This guy is reading a book while admiring the beauty of nature.

13. Romantic View Painting

Romantic View Painting
Credit: yarovaya_artist

Ksenia Yarovaya loves inspiring other’s with her nature-themed art. Check out her art gallery to see her amazing work.

14. Green Hills Painting

Green Hills Painting
Credit: jessmihelic_art

For a tranquil painting, capture the beauty of rolling green hills at sunset. With a mix of warm and cool colors, the artist has managed to create a peaceful atmosphere.

15. Purple and Yellow Sunset Painting

Purple and Yellow Sunset Painting
Credit: hue_is_she

A simple combination of colors is the perfect way to capture a sunset in your painting. This contrasting yet still harmonious combination looks great together.

16. Sunset and Pine Trees Silhouette Painting

Sunset and Pine Trees Silhouette Painting
Sunset and Pine Trees Silhouettes Tutorial

Follow the video tutorial to create a lovely landscape painting on a small circular canvas. Get creative by choosing colors that you think would look great for your sunset.

17. Simple Sunset Watercolor Painting

Simple Sunset Watercolor Painting
Credit: Sharon Lynn Williams

For a quick and easy painting idea, opt for a simple sunset watercolor painting. With just a few basic supplies, you can create a beautiful and vibrant painting that is sure to be captivating.

From lavender fields to calm beaches, there are so many inspiring sunset painting ideas out there. With this collection, I hope I provided you with some ideas to create artwork that will bring joy and beauty into your life.

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