Spice Up Your Look With These Red Acrylic Nail Designs

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Spice up your look with these stunning red acrylic nail designs. The color red symbolizes love, passion, vigor, and more. If you want to represent any of those qualities, you’ll love showing off your new look.

Red nails are perfect because they look good on everyone. Not only that, but because the color stands out so much, you’re sure to get complements on your manicure.

If you’re ready to be inspired, check out these awesome red acrylic nail art ideas.

Red and Pink Gradient Flames

These girl power nails feature gorgeous red and pink flames. I just love the subtle gradient of the colors and the white outlines on the flames.

girl power nails pink flames

Credit: _mejzi

red nails with rhinestones

Credit: dorapasztor

Red Nails with Gold Foil

These nails are simple, yet creative. The majority of the nails have been painted with glossy red nail polish. However, the addition of the gold flakes on the ring finger gives this design a stand out look.

red nails with gold foil

Credit: haleyfnailedit

red glitter nails

Credit: gorjovic

Cat Eye Nails

If you’ve never heard of cat eye nails, they’re a cool nail trend. To achieve this look, you draw a diagonal line through the middle of the nail to give them this wonderfully unique look. You can play around with the design by making your line thicker, thinner, straight or wavy.

cat eye red and black nails

Credit: iwona_nail_stylist

red marble nails

Credit: lilacnailedit

Blinged Out Nails

Bling out your nails with rhinestones if you’re feeling extra spicy. I’m absolutely loving these nails, from the length to the color and shape, to the embellishments, this is some gorgeous nail art.

red rhinestone nails

Credit: mfl.nailz

red and pink flower nails

Credit: _mejzi

Leopard Print Nails

Having red nails doesn’t mean you can’t add additional colors or prints. The addition of the leopard print gives these nails a fun and elegant look.

leopard print nails

Credit: moravcikova.zaneta

red nails with white outline

Credit: nails.by.sarahd

Red Frenchies

These red frenchies include a black swirl design on long coffin nails. This look would look great on other nail shapes like almond and stiletto.

red frenchies

Credit: nailsbylanae

glitter red coffin nails

Credit: nailsbymariasoto

REd Shimmer

Classic red nails don’t have to be boring. These nails include a beautiful shimmer and the index finger has a modern red french tip. Get this look on long or short nails. It will look amazing either way.

red coffin nails

Credit: nettesnailstudio

animal print red and black nails

Credit: nikkita_nails

Modern Red nails

These red nails are chic, modern and trendy. Add some elegance and style to your look by rocking this nail design. Add rings to your fingers for the ultimate feminine look.

modern red nails

Credit: palu_cosmetics

red and white nails

Credit: perlitasnails

Valentine’s Day Nails

These lovely red nails would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. However, they totally work for any time of year. The addition of the rhinestones, hearts, and other details make these the ultimate girly nails.

valentines day nails

Credit: perlitasnails

beautiful red nails

Credit: stephaanieec

Classy Red Nails

These classy red nails will never go out of style. They feature a rich red nail polish and stunning rhinestone embellishments. This look would be perfect with any acrylic nail shape.

classy red nails

Credit: sylwiakaszczykmaluje

red acrylic almond nails

Credit: tatibaron.nails

red Halloween nails

Credit: thenaiildon

With all of the colors in the world to choose from, why do so many people flock to red? It’s an incredibly versatile color that can represent a wide range of emotions and styles. I hope you had fun checking out some new ways to use this beautiful hue.

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