16 White and Gold Nails Perfect for Any Occasion

Give your nails a makeover with these white and gold nail designs, perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re going to a wedding or other event or need a nail look that’s great for everyday wear, you’ll find the perfect white and gold nail design for you. There are acrylic nail designs as well as designs that look awesome on natural nails.

1. White Nails with Gold Lines

white nails with gold stripes
Credit: _prettypolished_

Keep things fun and simple with these simple white nails that include gold lines. Get a bit creative by painting your lines in different directions.

2. Elegant French Tips

black women with white and gold nails
Credit: bodymagicdayspawest

I find that you just can’t go wrong with a French tip design. Make yours stand out by adding gold foil details to all, or just some of your nails.

3. Modern White and Gold nails

modern white and gold nails
Credit: ellielouisenails

These modern white and gold nails are amazing. Not only do the nails look modern, but the addition of the gold ring helps to bring the look together perfectly. If you’re looking for a timeless yet modern look, these are the perfect nails for you.

4. Ombre and French Tips

french tip white and gold nails
Credit: elizzaanails

These simple coffin-style nails include an elegant ombre pattern and well as a wonderful French tip design. This look is perfect for a wedding or other events.

5. White and Gold Christmas Nails

christmas nails white gold and pink
Credit: ellielouisenails

When December comes around, you’re going to love wearing these festive nails. I love the addition of the pink, white, and gold nail designs too. These long stiletto nails look great, but you can also go with almond nails, square nails, coffin nails, and more

6. Gold Swirls

almond white and gold nails
Credit: hairandglam_dfw

You are sure to get compliments on your nails with a look like this. This design is cute, fun, and unique. Replace the gold color with pink, purple, etc.

7. White and Gold Press On Nails

press on nails
Credit: kirbys.nails

If you prefer press-on nails, you’ll love these white and gold press-on nails that feature stunning gold foil. Check out the artist (link below photo) if you want to order a set of these nails.

8. Glitter with White Flowers

white flower nails
Credit: lovemynailsvadodara

These nails have a beautiful handpainted floral design that’s just stunning. If you want a unique look, these are absolutely perfect. These nails were actually done using acrylic nail extensions.

9. Subtle Gold Detail

spiritual nails
Credit: dipbyjamie

I love how these nails include subtle gold designs, such as flowers and tiny dots. Get creative by choosing different colors and designs for your own nails.

10. Medium Length Nails

square nails
Credit: makeupby_monita

If you’re looking for short or medium-length nail inspiration, this look should inspire you. These nails are perfect for anyone who’s not interested in wearing long nails but still wants their nails to stand out.

11. Gold Flakes

gold flakes on nails
Credit: nail.lab.buckhead

Fans of gold flakes will love this look because each nail is covered with glowing flakes on top of white nail polish. I think this design would look awesome with black nail polish as the base too.

12. Short White and Gold Nails

beautiful white and gold nails
Credit: nails_by_niinaa

How amazing are these nails? They have a modern French tip design with a stunning gold swirl. If you’re new to wearing acrylic nails, these are perfect due to their easy-to-manage length.

13. Half White with Gold Accents

long white and gold nails
Credit: nailsbyjoemy

As you’ve seen throughout this post, you just can’t go wrong with white and gold nails. Of course, any color goes with white, so you can achieve a similar look using the colors of your choice.

14. Stiletto Nails

stiletto clear nails
Credit: nailsbymaryxx

If you love stiletto nails, consider these clear, white, and gold-flaked nails. They also include a cool diamond ring embellishment on the pinky nail. Anyone who likes their nails to stand out from the crowd will love this look.

15. Simple Yet Beautiful

simple swirl nails
Credit: polished.nails

Who doesn’t love a look that’s simple and perfect for everyday wear but still quite elegant and beautiful? If that’s what you’re looking for, give this design a try.

16. Gold Stars

beautiful white and gold star nails
Credit: vwnails_

These almond nails feature a French tip with gold star stickers placed on each nail. Everyone will be asking you where you got your nails done when they see this cute and fun design.

The best thing about white and gold nail designs is the fact that they are suitable for both formal events as well as day-to-day wear. Nails can be an important part of any outfit, so take some time to make sure you choose the perfect design for you.

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