23 Anime Nail Designs to Show Your Love for Anime and Manga

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Fans of anime and manga will love showing off their nails with these anime nail design ideas.

If you’re looking for a bold and fun design, you’ll love these creative looks. From short nails to long nails to gel nails and more, you’ll find the perfect look for you.

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jujutsu kaisen nails

Artist Credit: bou__studio

spirited away square nails

Artist Credit: cookies.salon

Tokyo Revengers

These orange nails feature characters from Tokyo Revengers. These nails are fun, feminine and super creative. If you’re a fan of the show, consider getting this awesome nail design.

tokyo revengers nails

Artist Credit: fujiiiiiii_

tokyo revengers silver nails

Artist Credit: fujiiiiiii_

Naruto Nails

Naruto is my favorite anime of all time, so I had to be sure to include some Naruto themed designs in this collection. These stiletto acrylic nails are bold and perfect for fans of the anime and manga.

naturo nails

Artist Credit: hotdamnnails

Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna inspired Nails

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen will love these sukuna inspired nails. If you’re interested in these reusable nails, make sure you click on the artist credit below the image to make a purchase.

Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna inspired Nails

Artist Credit: jangminails

leaf village nails for women

Artist Credit: jay_doylux

Urashimasakatasen Nails

Urashimasakatasen is a male Japanese music group consisting of four members, Uratanuki, Shima, Tonari no Sakata, and Senra. The groups name is actually a combination of each members name.

The group actually received their very own anime TV series titled Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou (Everyday of Urashimasakatasen). These nails are inspired by the TV show.

Urashimasakatasen Nails

Artist Credit: nail_kei4.4

Naruto nails

Artist Credit: naild_o_g

Shinoko nails

Artist Credit: t.nail5239

Spirited Away Nails

I absolutely adore Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli. Spirited Away tells the story of a young girl who moves to a new neighborhood and enters the world of Kami. This world is filled with strange and unique characters. I highly recommend checking out the movie if you haven’t. These nails perfectly represent the essence of the story.

Spirited Away Nails

Artist Credit: glamusebeautybar

Naruto Akatsuki Nails

Artist Credit: thatsetbynhi

Hisoka From Hunter x Hunter Nails

These purple nails perfectly represent the vibe of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka is a grim reaper and magician and is one of the main antagonists of the show and manga.

Hisoka From Hunter x Hunter Nails

Artist Credit: toofastclothing


Artist Credit: vonknailart

Sukuna nails

Artist Credit: xxexoticdripxx

anime girl nails

Artist Credit: _kana.nail_

Love Hashira nails

Artist Credit: _kana.nail_

Serpent Hashira Nails

Artist Credit: _kana.nail_

Insect Hashira nails

Artist Credit: _kana.nail_

Stone Hashira nails

Artist Credit: _kana.nail_

Water Hashira nails

Artist Credit: _kana.nail_

zenitsu from demon slayer nails

These are the perfect nails for fans of Zenitsu from Demon Slayer. Although Zenitsu is often afraid and comes off as being a coward, he’s actually a powerful Demon Slayer.

zenitsu from demon slayer nails

Artist Credit: a4ngelnails

Giorno x Diavolo

A few years ago I discovered JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and instantly became hooked. This anime series is fun, unique, and so entertaining. If you’re interested, you can watch the Giorno vs Diavolo fight on YouTube.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure nails

Artist Credit: ballpit_addict

Whether you’re a fan of anime or manga I hope this post has been helpful for choosing your next manicure.

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