21 Cute and Easy Crochet Bag Patterns

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If you’re looking for a fun and cute handmade bag to wear, I’m sharing over seventeen crochet bag patterns with you.

If you’ve ever crocheted your own bag or pouch, then you know how satisfying it is to go out with your handmade project.

If you’re ready to make something beautiful, check out these patterns below; there are many beginner-friendly patterns too!

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1. Crochet Bread Toast Bag

Crochet Bread Toast Bag

This adorable mini toast bag adds a cute and creative touch to any outfit. Perfect for carrying your AirPods, keys, or makeup on the go. Get the Bread Toast Bag Pattern.

2. Market Tote


This pattern gives the market tote a simple yet unique twist. Also, this bag works up to be a great size and is perfect for storing your fruits and veggies from the market. Get the pattern from Kseniya Design.

3. Miller Market Bag


Here’s a great multi-purpose bag that is listed as beginner-friendly.

However, even an experienced crocheter will enjoy working on this Miller Market Bag. Get the pattern from Lakeside Loops.

4. Rome Urban Bag


Here’s another crochet bag that’s perfect for beginners. The Rome Urban Bag is worked in continuous rounds, which means it won’t have a seam! Get the pattern from The Easy Design.

5. Crossbody Froggy Bag

Crossbody Froggy Bag

Crochet up the most adorable froggy crossbody bag using this pattern.

It’s got a zip to keep your treasures secure and can be made without lining, thanks to the small crochet hook. Get the pattern for this Crossbody Froggy Bag.

6. Easy Market Tote


If you’re looking for a classic market tote, this pattern is for you.

This bag is perfect for grocery shopping, holding your library books, going to the beach, and much more. Get the pattern from Loops and Love Crochet.

7. Rover Circle Bag


Isn’t this Rover Circle Bag stunning? You wouldn’t think it was made by hand. This purse is small, compact, and works up quickly. Get the pattern from Sewrella.

8. Sweet Bear Crossbody Bag

Sweet Bear Crossbody Bag

If you want to make a unique accessory that is cute and functional, this crochet pattern for a bear bag is perfect. Get the pattern for this Sweet Bear Crossbody Bag.

9. Dew Drop Handbag

dew drop handbag crochet pattern

I love the shape of this Dew Drop Handbag. This easy-to-follow pattern includes lots of pictures to guide you along the way. Get the pattern from Bunnyhood Shop.

10. Personal Pouch


How cool are these personal pouches? They can be used to store earbuds, napkins, and more. And the size is perfect for dropping in your purse without taking up much space.

Get the pattern from Heart Hook Home (PDF pattern). You can also check out the Free Crochet Pouch Pattern.

11. The Fox Hook Case


This cute Fox Hook Care would make a great gift to the crocheter in your life.

Once the holidays come around, it’ll be so fun to work up a few of these for friends. Get the pattern from Littlehand Crochet.

12. 70s Tote

Introducing a fantastic, retro-inspired crochet tote pattern that harkens back to the 70s with a bold, eye-catching floral design. Get the pattern for this 70s Tote.

13. Love Knot Hook Organizer


Here’s a crochet hook holder. I love the color palette used for this holder and would probably use similar colors for my own hook organizer. Get the pattern from Living in Amethyst.

14. Pencil Case


Here’s a fun and easy crochet pencil case. This pencil case would make a great gift for the students in your life.

I love the colorful granny squares that were used to create this pouch. Get the pattern from My Crochet Shop.

15. Star Stitch Clutch


If you’re looking for a handmade clutch, give this Star Stitch Clutch a try.

The skill level for the pattern is listed as medium, so if you’re new to crochet, keep that in mind. Get the pattern from Annaboos House.

16. Strawberry Granny Square Tote

Strawberry Granny Square Tote

Not only is this a stunning statement piece, but it’s also incredibly versatile, perfect for use as a market bag, beach bag, or everyday shoulder bag. Get the pattern for this Strawberry Granny Square Tote.

17. Boho Handbag


This Boho Bag is perfect for summer and fall. You can take it to the market, beach, and more. Also, the tassel adds a nice touch to the bag. Get the pattern from Knot Yourself Out.

18. Button Pouch


I love a good pouch. This Button Pouch can be used to store your crochet tools and so much more.

These little pouches would make a great gift for friends and family. Get the pattern from Yarn Blossom Boutique.

19. Macie Bag


Here’s another perfect bag by The Easy Design. There are lots of photos of customers’ finished bags on the product page, and it looks like this bag comes out perfect every time! Get the pattern from The Easy Design.

20. Strawberry Crossbody Bag

Strawberry Crossbody Bag

The Strawberry Crossbody Bag crochet pattern is a delightful addition to anyone’s collection of handmade accessories. Get the pattern for this Strawberry Crossbody Bag.

21. Hippie Sling Bag


If you want a unique crochet bag, check out this Hippie Sling Bag. Would you believe this bag is just three granny squares crocheted together, with a strap added?

How simple is that! Get the pattern from Hooked Homemade Happy (PDF pattern). You can also check out the Hippie Sling Free Pattern.

There you have it, 21 crochet bag patterns for you to choose from. I hope you find the perfect one for your needs.

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