20 Easy Watercolor Flower Paintings to Inspire You

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If you’re looking for easy watercolor flower painting ideas for inspiration, I’ve got you covered.

These watercolor flower paintings are so simple and beyond gorgeous. You’re going to love practicing and improving your painting skills with these references.

If you’re new to watercolor painting, make sure you check out the helpful watercolor tips I provide throughout the post.


1. Sakura’s in a Heart

watercolor flowers in heart
Credit: abraxasarte

If you love the sakura flower, I think you’ll enjoy this reference that features this beautiful flower within a heart shaped painting.

2. Abstract Watercolor Flower

purple watercolor flowers
Credit: pamelaharnoisart

Abstract style paintings can be really fun because they easily allow you put your personality into your art. Use this painting for reference, but let your imagine be your guide to make it your own.

3. Tall Roses

watercolor red flowers
Credit: matilda.magdalena

I love roses because not only are they beautiful, but once you get the hang of them, they’re really simple to draw and paint.

4. Long Lavender Branch

watercolor lavender
Credit: Wang Jing

This simple watercolor painting features a long lavender branch. If you’re looking for a simple painting, this is a great references for you to consider.

5. Elegant Flowers

watercolor carnations
Credit: villustrate

I find these flowers to be so beautiful and elegant. If you want a bit of a challenge, this painting makes a great reference.

6. Flower Sketch

watercolor pink flower with green leaves
Credit: art_lili

If you like to see art in progress, here’s a painting that shows us the process of painting a beautiful flower.

7. Soft Watercolors

watercolor floral painting
Credit: arl_fm

This painting uses light watercolor paint to create a beautiful pierce of art. I recommend checking out the artist (link below), if you enjoy this art style.

8. Two Paintings Same Flower

two flower paintings
Credit: fernanda_yamada

Painting the same flower using two different colors is such a cool idea. Both of these paintings would make a great gift to hang side by side.

9. Colorful Flowers

bright watercolor flowers
Credit: jspurgin.designs

These flowers are so bright and colorful. I can imagine how fun it would be to paint such a vibrant piece of art.

10. Pink and Blue Flowers

pink and blue watercolor flowers
Credit: jessfm_art

Here’s another watercolor painting that has a unique art style. I love the pink, blue, and green color combination. The colors go so great together.

11. A Bunch of Lavender

lavender watercolor flowers with soil
Credit: missgweny

Many people enjoy the lavender flower. If you do as well, I think you’ll enjoy this painting which features a bunch of beautiful lavender flowers.

12. Bee and Flowers

bright watercolor flowers with bee
Credit: scovel

Add fun elements to your painting, such as a bumble bee. You could also include a hummingbird because they just love drinking the nectar from flowers.

13. Simple Red Flower

simple flower painting
Credit: Wang Jing

Here’s another simple flower painting that’s great for beginners or anyone looking for a fun and easy painting project.

14. Orange and Blue Flowers

orange and blue flowers
Credit: en_soleillee

Here’s a color palette you don’t see often, which makes me appreciate this painting even more. Step outside of the box when choosing colors for your floral painting.

15. Purple Tulips

purple watercolor tulips
Credit: melanyguzmanvelderrain

Tulip lovers will appreciate this beautiful purple tulip painting. Fun fact, did you know that there are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties?

16. Vibrant Colors

variety of watercolor flowers
Credit: lottalorier

If you love working with vibrant colors, let this floral piece inspire you. I challenge you to come up with your own vibrant color palette for your painting.

17. Simple Purple Flower

purple watercolor flowers
Credit: klynneart

If you want a quick painting project, consider something like this simple purple flower. I love pieces like this when I feel like doing a laid back project.

18. Colorful Flowers

red yellow purple and green flowers

This watercolor painting is by the talented @matilda.magdalena on Instagram. Matilda creates beautiful floral watercolor paintings, prints, and more.

19. Simple Yet Beautiful

pink watercolor flowers with green leaves
Credit: _arrayante_

The flower painting below is great because it’s simple yet beautiful. If you’re a beginner artist, you don’t have to paint something complicated in order to have wonderful art.

20. Easy Red Flower

simple pink flower
Credit: Wang Jing

This easy red flower is perfect for those who are new to watercolor painting. You’ll be so proud of yourself after you’ve completed this piece.

21. Simple Blue Flowers

simple blue flower
Credit: matilda.magdalena

I love the simplicity of these blue flowers. You can paint your flowers the same colors, but paint them from different angles and perspectives. This is a great way to perfect a flower design.

22. Flower Collection

lavender and other watercolor flowers
Credit: weheartit

This photo features a variety of watercolor flowers for you to practice. Consider rounding up your favorite flowers and using them as reference for your paintings.

These watercolor flower paintings are so simple and beyond gorgeous. You’re going to love practicing and improving your painting skills with these references. I hope you found the perfect design for your next project.

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