25 Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

It’s officially holiday baking season, which means it’s time for me to share the absolute best holiday cookie recipes. Most of the cookies on this list, I’ve made myself, and can tell you that they are some of the best cookies you’ll ever eat.

In fact, I just recently baked the chocolate chip cookie recipe on this list, and they were so good. My husband and I ate each and every one of them within two days.

For the holidays this year, I’ll be making the gooey butter cookies (please make these, you’ll love them) and the butter pecan cookies. If you’re ready to plan your holiday baking, check out these ten amazing cookie recipes.

1. Frosted Gingerbread Cookies

frosted gingerbread cookies

If you’re a fan of frosted cookies, you’ll love these frosted gingerbread cookies. The cookie itself has wonderful spices like cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Plus, they’re topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting. Get the recipe for these Frosted Gingerbread Cookies.

2. Gooey Butter Cookies

Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies

If you’ve ever heard of gooey butter bars, these are butter bars in cookie form. Not only are these cookies delicious, but they’re so easy to make. Also, you can make these for any time of the year. All you have to do is switch the sprinkles! Get the recipe for these Gooey Butter Cookies.

3. Amish Sugar Cookies

Amish cookies

I’m actually not a fan of the typical cut-out sugar cookie. I prefer for my sugar cookies to be soft, sweet, and buttery. If that sounds like you, then you need to make these Amish sugar cookies. Get the recipe for these Amish Sugar Cookies.

4. Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

best chocolate chip cookie

Okay guys, these actually are the best chocolate chip cookies. As I mentioned early, my husband and I loved these cookies. They were so soft, chewy, and decadent. If you’re craving chocolate chip cookies, you have to make these. Get the recipe for these Best Chocolate Chip Cookies.

5. Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies (Lofthouse Copycat Recipe)

Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies (Lofthouse Copycat Recipe)

Indulge in these delectable sugar cookies topped with pink vanilla buttercream frosting and adorned with sprinkles. You can change the color of the frosting and sprinkles to your preference. Get the recipe for these Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies.

6. Butter Pecan Cookies

Butter pecan cookies
iStock/Saowaluck Voraprukpisut

I’m not sure if you can ever go wrong with butter pecan. I love butter pecan ice cream, cake, brownies, and now, these cookies. Not only will your family love these, but they also make great gifts for friends and coworkers. Get the recipe for these Butter Pecan Cookies.

7. Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies

cinnamon roll cookies

These cinnamon roll sugar cookies look complicated, but they’re so easy to make. This recipe combines two delicious desserts; cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies. What more could you ask for? Get the recipe for these Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.

8. Hot Cocoa Cookies

hot cocoa cookies

Nothing says the holidays like these hot cocoa cookies. These cookies are easy to make and actually taste like hot chocolate! You can serve your cookies with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows to make your treat even more decadent. Get the recipe for these Hot Cocoa Cookies.

9. Muddy Buddy Cookies

Muddy Buddy Cookie

I’m a big fan of Muddy Buddies (also known as puppy chow). They’re just so addictive. These cookies are a take on the classic snack. Essentially, what you’re getting here is a soft peanut butter cookie covered with chocolate and powdered sugar. Yum! Get the recipe for these Muddy Buddy Cookies.

10. Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies

oreo peppermint crunch cookies

Everyone who loves peppermint and chocolate needs to make these cookies. Yes, these cookies are delicious, but if you’re a texture person like me, you’ll be happy to know that the texture is out of this world. Making these cookies even more enjoyable to eat. Get the recipe for these Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies.

11. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

peanut butter cup cookies

I’ve been making these peanut butter cup cookies for years; however, recently, I decided to try out a new recipe. Wow, these cookies are amazing. In my house, we like to eat them when they’re warm and melty. Here’s a link to the mini muffin pan that I use for these cookies. Get the recipe for these Peanut Butter Cookies.

12. Creme Brulee Cookies

Creme Brulee Cookies

Get ready to fall in love with these insanely soft sugar cookies covered in creamy cream cheese icing and caramelized sugar. If you’re a creme brulee fanatic, you’re going to love these cookies. Get the recipe for these Creme Brulee Cookies.

13. French Toast Cookies

French Toast Cookies

These chewy French toast cookies are like having French toast but in the irresistible form of sugar cookies. Our family can’t get enough of these delicious treats, and they’re guaranteed to be a hit with any crowd. Get the recipe for these Chewy French Toast Cookies.

14. Easy Lace Cookies

Easy Lace Cookies

These mouthwatering lace cookies are a breeze to make with just 6 ingredients! In just 30 minutes, you’ll be enjoying the irresistible flavors of sweet brown butter and caramel. Get the recipe for these Easy Lace Cookies.

15. Peppermint Mocha Cookies

Peppermint Mocha Cookies

These soft-baked treats are coated in creamy white chocolate and topped with a delightful candy cane crunch. Get the recipe for these Peppermint Mocha Cookies.

16. Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies

These buttery shortbread treats come with a luscious strawberry and apricot jam filling. Get the recipe for these Thumbprint Cookies.

17. Pinwheel Cookies

Pinwheel Cookies

Make your own irresistible chocolate and vanilla pinwheel cookies with this foolproof recipe. These stunning and irresistibly soft cookies are made by rolling layers of chocolate and vanilla dough together. Get the recipe for these Pinwheel Cookies.

18. Red Velvet Gooey Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Red Velvet Gooey Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate chip red velvet cookies are incredible because they have a secret ingredient: cake mix. If you’re in need of a simple and delicious cookie recipe, give this one a try. Get the recipe for these Red Velvet Gooey Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

19. Softbatch Glazed Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies

Softbatch Glazed Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies

Get ready for a burst of mouthwatering lemony goodness in these super soft cookies, all thanks to the cream cheese. These tangy-sweet treats are a lemon lover’s dream. Get the recipe for these Softbatch Glazed Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies.

20. Maple Brown Sugar Cookies

Maple Brown Sugar Cookies

These maple brown sugar cookies are seriously delicious. They’re like a flavor explosion with their crispy edges and chewy centers. And if you really want to take them to the next level, drizzle some maple icing on top. Get the recipe for these Maple Brown Sugar Cookies.

21. Softbatch No-Roll Holiday Sprinkles Cookies

Softbatch No-roll Holiday Sprinkles Cookies

You won’t believe how easy and delicious these holiday sugar cookies are. The dough is incredible – no rolling is required. Plus, the sprinkles are baked right in, so you can skip the decorating step. Get the recipe for these Softbatch No-Roll Holiday Sprinkles Cookies.

22. Peppermint Snowball Cookies

Peppermint Snowball Cookies

If you’re searching for a festive and tasty cookie recipe, give these snowball cookies a try. Get the recipe for these Peppermint Snowball Cookies.

23. Raspberry Crumble Cookies

Raspberry Crumble Cookies

These raspberry crumble cookies are the perfect fusion of tart and cookie. With a buttery shortbread crust, a layer of raspberry jam, and a sweet crumbly topping, they are incredibly delicious. Get the recipe for these Raspberry Crumble Cookies.

24. Carrot Cake Cookies

Carrot Cake Cookies

These cookies are a delightful twist on the classic dessert. Imagine soft and chewy cookies with grated carrots, oats, and cinnamon. And the best part? They’re filled with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. Get the recipe for these Carrot Cake Cookies.

25. Cherry Cheesecake Cookies (Only 5 Ingredients)

Cherry Cheesecake Cookies (Only 5 Ingredients)

These amazing cherry cheesecake cookies are soft, yummy cookies made with refrigerated cookie dough and tangy cherry pie filling. Get the recipe for these Cherry Cheesecake Cookies.

26. Grinch Cookies

Grinch Cookies

Looking for a festive treat? These Grinch cookies are the way to go. They have a delicious sugar cookie base that’s slightly buttery. Plus, each cookie is filled with a yummy Hershey’s Kiss for an extra chocolatey surprise. Get the recipe for these Grinch Cookies.

With all of these cookie recipes under your belt, you’re sure to have a wonderful holiday season full of joyous sweet treats.

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