50 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Designs You Didn’t Know You Needed

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the big thing right now. Everyone who’s anyone is playing this game. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but you get my point.

After hearing so many people talk about how amazing this game is, I decided to give it a try. I can tell you that after a few days, I was hooked.

I’ve been playing for hours every single day. Even putting Animal Crossing before work or household chores. It’s so fun guys!

I was so excited when I gained the ability to use Creator codes. The sky is really the limit for what you can do with your island.

And I just love the generous creators who share their Animal Crossing designs to make designing your island even more fun.

If you’re in need of some cute and creative designs for your island, I have a bunch of them to share with you.

You’ll find custom dresses, sweaters, signs, paths, and more.

When searching for designs to share with you today, I found it challenging to track down the social media accounts for the creators of these designs.

If one of these designs belongs to you, please let me know, and I’d be happy to link your social media account!

50+ Animal Crossing: New Horizons Designs

Check out these Animal Crossing New Horizons designs. If you’re not sure how to use them, continue reading below.

How to Use These Codes

To use these custom designs, you must first unlock the Able Sisters shop.

Once you do that, you can enter the shops Kiosk and input the Design ID, or the Creator ID.

You will need a paid subscription to Nintendo online in order to access this feature.

Kanagawa painting created by Angel.
Bee cardigan created by Hope.
Cute coat created by Dhalia.

Watch Out for Fake Art

If you’ve reached the point in the game where you’ve been introduced to Redd, the art-dealing fox, you should be aware that some of his paintings are fake.

If you have a feeling that one of the paintings might be a knock-off, check out this guide that shows you how to tell fake art from real art in New Horizons.

Welcome mat created by AJ.
Goldfish kimono
Goldfish kimono created by Mint.
Pusheen cap
Pusheen cap created by Zenith.

You Can Wish Upon a Star

Between the hours of 7pm and 4am on a clear and cloudless night, shooting stars will appear.

When a shooting star is near, you will be able to hear a low chiming sound (make sure you have your volume up).

When you hear this sound, make sure your hands are empty and look up into the air (right joystick).

Once the shooting star is overhead, press A to make a wish.

After you catch the shooting star, keep on the lookout for more, as they typically happen in bursts. I usually get around 3 shooting stars at a time.

The next day, check your beaches for star fragments that can be used to craft DIY recipes.

Sweetie bear coat
Sweetie bear coat created by Lily.
Komaru naegi dress
Komaru naegi dress created by Miles.
Gryffindor coat
Gryffindor coat created by Denise.

Grow Cash Trees

Once a day, they’ll be a shiny area on the ground that contains 1,000 bells.

If you dig up these bells and rebury them, it’ll grow a money tree. This is a simple way to earn more bells in the game.

Coffee sign
Coffee sign created by Su.
Hope heart sign
Hope heart sign created by Su.
Pet store sign
Pet store sign created by Su.

Play the Stalk Market

I find the stalk market to be so much fun. On Sunday’s the cute little Daisy Mae will visit your island selling turnips.

You can purchase turnips in bundles of 10 and sell those turnips later on in the week for than what you purchased them for.

When purchasing turnips, you want to buy low so that you can sell high (just like the real stock market).

You can visit other isalnds to sell your turnips at a higher price than what is being offered on your island.

The Animal Crossing turnip exchange on Reddit is a great place to find islands that are buying turnips at a high price.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to sell your turnips within the week. If you don’t sell them in time, they will spoil.

Rainbow coat
Rainbow coat created by Nova.
Merengue dress
Merengue dress created by Mimi.
You're being frilly dress
You’re being frilly dress created by Suki.

Change Your Island Tune

Did you know that you can change the music that plays on your island?

There is a subreddit called A Place for Sharing Town Tunes if you’re looking for new island music.

Honey brook path
Honey brook path created by Kah.
Camp sign
Camp sign created by Ciel.
Totoro coat
Totoro coat created by Gina.

Terraform Your Island

At some point in the game you’ll be able to use the Island Designer app to terraform your island.

This lets you lay down paths, as well as change your rivers and cliffs

For example, if you want to build a bridge somewhere, but the shape of the river isn’t ideal. You can open the app and reshape the river.

Lemonade sign
Lemonade sign created by Mwhei.
Macaron brick path
Macaron brick path created by Huda.
Oreo brick path
Oreo brick path created by Huda.

Grow Hybrid Flowers

This next piece of advice comes from Wired.

“Your island’s general store only sells a few types of flowers. Other islands may sell different types, or you can purchase those when Leif is in town.

Hybrid flowers grow when certain types of flowers are blooming near one another, and you water them using a watering can.

There are all sorts of guides out there for growing specific kinds of hybrid flowers, but my best advice is to plant flowers of the same type near one another, with room around those flowers for more to grow. Then water them every day.

The more flowers you plant, and the more you water them, the more likely you are to grow special hybrids.”

Licorice brick path
Licorice brick path created by Huda.
Orange blossom dress
Orange blossom dress created by Jobelli.
Lemon raincoat
Lemon raincoat created by Rini.

Keep Your Eyes Out for Special Visitors

On your island, you’re sure to come across some special visitors. There’s Gulliver the gull, C.J. the beaver blogger, and more.

Each of these visitors offers missions that will earn you some unique rewards.

For example, C.J. will ask you to catch certain fish and pay you extra when you sell them to him.

Shelf design
Shelf design created by Elena.
School uniforms
School uniforms created by the creator code MA-1654-8970-4097.
April dress
April dress created by Peach.
Stranger Things coat
Stranger Things coat created by Xan.
Stairs design
Stairs design by creator code MA-8569-4772-9405.
Pebble path
Pebble path by lltsu.
Long sleeve dress
Long sleeve dress design by Moxxi.
Shouyu ramen
Shouyu ramen design by Rainos.
Ramen hoodie
Ramen hoodie created by Cofcof.
Ice cream menu
Ice cream menu created by Kirstie.
Mhigan gown
Mhigan gown created by Aizah.
Skill path
Skill path created by Avalin.
Snow queen dress
Snow queen dress created by Melly.
Moon dress
Moon dress created by ClaireXO.
BP jacket
BP jacket created by Cate.
Cherry sweater
Cherry sweater created by Kate.
Milk and cookies sweater
Milk and cookies sweater created by Cofcof.
Piano key and striped dress
Piano key and striped dress created by creator code MA-9527-6699-0489.
Tulip information
Tulip information created by Parker.
Leafy greens design
Leafy greens design created by Moo.
Pastel sweater
Pastel sweater created by Manda.
Checkered dress
Checkered dress created by Swooses.
Blue flower combo
Blue flower combo created by Lyss.
Champion hoodie
Champion hoodie created by Manda.
Six balloon dresses such as a pink laced bunny dress and a rose gingham dress.
Six balloon dresses such as a pink laced bunny dress and a rose gingham dress.
Boba shop sign that can be used for your boba tea shop.
Boba shop sign that can be used for your boba tea shop.
Wood path that can be used on your island.
Wood path that can be used on your island.
Off white dress created by Julia.
Off white dress created by Julia.
Pastel plaid design
Pastel plaid design created by Crystal.
Niji cardigan
Niji cardigan created by Kikio.
Marshal sweater created by Aly.
Simple canotier
Simple canotier created by Mitty.
Dress with denim jacket created
Dress with denim jacket created by creator code MA-3428-7249-9887.

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