14 Baby Yoda Crochet Patterns

Who doesn’t love Baby Yoda? I know I do. That’s why I’m excited to share this roundup of Baby Yoda crochet patterns with you.

I think we can all admit that Baby Yoda is one of the reasons why we’re obsessed with The Mandalorian.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars, there is something about this adorable character that keeps us watching.

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Crochet Baby Yoda Patterns

In this roundup, not only will you find those cute little crochet Baby Yoda amigurumi’s, but you’ll also find patterns for Baby Yoda costumes, Baby Yoda security blankets, and even Baby Yoda rattles.

1. Baby Yoda Security Blanket


This Baby Yoda security blanket would make a great handmade gift for a baby shower.

The original pattern doesn’t use safety eyes, but instead has embroidered eyes. However, you can use whatever you feel comfortable with. Get the pattern from Adele Daisy Crochet.

2. Yoda Inspired Newborn Outfit


How cute is this Yoda-inspired newborn outfit? This would make a great crochet Halloween costume for your little one.

This pattern features a hat, diaper cover, and lightsaber. Get the pattern from Bee Mine Crochet.

3. Little Green Guy


Now this tiny Baby Yoda is just too cute. I think it would be a great idea to add some string to the top of his head and hang him on the Christmas tree.

He would make a great ornament wouldn’t he? You could also crochet a little Santa’s hat for his head to make him extra festive. Get the pattern from Storyland Amis.

4. Amigurumi Monster


This pattern is a bit more advanced, but I think that it would still be great for the adventurous beginner.

This crochet Yoda would make an excellent gift for children. Get the pattern from By Knit Toys.

5. Baby Yoda Cup Cozy


I need one of these Baby Yoda cup cozies in my life. I’m a big fan of cup cozies. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re a great way to show off your personality.

When people see you using this cup cozy, they’ll definitely want you to create one for them too. Get the pattern from Hook and Tink Crochet.

6. Amigurumi Baby Yoda


What a beauty this Baby Yoda amigurumi is. Here’s another pattern that would be great for gifting to a child.

The difficulty level for this pattern is listed as intermediate, so keep that in mind when you decide to give this pattern a try. Get the pattern from Crochet Pattern World.

7. The Child Amigurumi


I just have to make one of these for my office. These are definitely some cute little Baby Yoda’s if I do say so myself.

I love how the bottoms allow you to sit them on a flat surface. Get the pattern from Dirt Child Co.

8. Little Master Hooded Jacket


Here’s another super cute Baby Yoda crochet costume. This one is a hooded jacket.

Believe it or not, this items is created in one piece, so no sewing is required, which is a big plus in my book. Get the pattern from Handmade in Doncaster.

9. Baby Yoda Rattle


This Baby Yoda rattle would be the perfect item to create for you new baby.

It would also make an awesome baby shower gift. Feel free to embroider the eyes if you don’t feel comfortable using safety eyes. Get the pattern from iMoccs.

10. Chibi Alien Amigurumi


I can’t get over how cute this pattern is. Look at Baby Yoda with his cute little jacket.

Wouldn’t it be fun to create your own Baby Yoda, changing the jack color to suit your personal taste? Get the pattern from Happy Unicorn Store.

11. Yoda Gnome


This is probably one of the most creative Yoda patterns that I’ve come across. It’s a crochet Baby Yoda with a Yoda Gnome.

This would make a wonderfully unique gift for friends and family. Get the pattern from Pam Pinostore.

12. Baby Yoda Amigurumi


Okay guys, I am absolutely in love with this Baby Yoda amigurumi. And you know what’s really cool? You can download this pattern for free. Get the pattern from Larissa Maced.

13. Yoda Costume

crochet baby yoda costume pattern

If you’re a fan of baby Yoda, you just have to create this crochet Yoda costume. This pattern is given in three sizes – 0−3; 3-6; and 6-9 months. Get the pattern from Step by Step Patterns.

14. One Hour Baby Yoda


This tiny Baby Yoda can be made in a hour (1.5 hours if you’re a beginner). If you’re looking for a quick amigurumi project, this is definitely one to try. Get the pattern from Hooked By Noelke.

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