Beautiful Crochet Potholder Patterns

You’ll find a collection of beautiful crochet potholder patterns as well as crochet hot pad patterns. I love making crochet potholders and hot pads. They’re quick, easy, and useful items to have in your kitchen.

Additionally, they make great home decor items. You can keep them on your kitchen counter or even hang them on your walls. If you enjoy handmade potholders, you’ll also love these crochet dishcloth patterns.

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Double Thick Potholder


These double thick potholders are top notch. They look amazing and would make great gifts for friends and family. Get the pattern for the Double Thick Potholder.

Modern Potholder


This modern potholder is absolutely stunning. It’s made with thick and tight fabric and luckily is a very beginner-friendly pattern. Get the pattern for the Modern Potholder.

Bobble Heart Potholder


I love how colorful and creative this heart potholder is. This is a double-layered potholder that uses the bobble stitch. Get the pattern for the Bobble Heart Potholder.

Dutch Skies Potholders


This is one of my favorite potholder designs. I’ve actually made a few of these for my own kitchen. This is a free pattern, so be sure to crochet this potholder for your kitchen. Get the pattern for the Dutch Skies Potholders.

Textured Potholder Pattern


If you like this crochet potholder, you’ll be happy to know that it’s perfect for beginners and works up quickly. The potholder has a textured appearance and double thickness to protect your hands. Get the pattern for the Textured Potholder Pattern.

Potholder Squares


I’m drawn to these potholders because they have that classic crochet look. What’s fun is that when you make these, you can mix and match the colors based on your preference. Get the pattern for the Potholder Squares.

Winter Tree and Stripes Hot Pad


If you’re looking for a holiday pattern design, these simplistic hot pads are perfect. Of course, you can use whatever colors you want, but I love the simplicity of the colors used here. Get the pattern or the Winter Tree and Stripes Hot Pad.

Candy Potholder


I love this beautiful and creative hot pad. This can also be used as a coaster or table decoration. Get the pattern for the Candy Potholder.

Pumpkin Pie Potholder


I’ve actually made this pumpkin pie potholder for my own kitchen. It was meant to be used during the month of November, but I loved it so much that I left it out on my counter year-round. Get the pattern for the Pumpkin Pie Potholder. You might also like this free Pumpkin Pie Hot Pad free pattern.

Chicken Potholders


If you have a chicken or farm theme in your kitchen, you have to add these chicken potholders to your collection. The pattern is no longer available; try this alternative chicken potholder pattern.

Blossom Flower Placemat


This isn’t a potholder pattern, but I thought you might want to check out this lovely blossom flower placemat. This shop also offers a matching cup coaster pattern. Get the pattern for the Blossom Flower Placemat.

Lattice Pie Pot Holder


Here is a really cool lattice pie pot holder. You can change the color of your yarn to match the type of pie you want to make. Pictured below is a pumpkin pie and a sweet potato pie. Get the pattern for the Lattice Pie Pot Holder.

Potholder Diner Trio


I absolutely love this potholder diner trio. I’m a big fan of crocheted food items. There’s a good chance that I’ll be making these for my kitchen. Get the pattern for the Potholder Diner Trio.

Mushroom Potholder

Mushroom Potholder

Add a touch of country charm to your kitchen with this crochet hot pad pattern. Perfect for nature lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of the woods. Get the pattern for the Mushroom Potholder.

Hexi Puff Coaster

Hexi Puff Coaster

These coasters can’t be used as potholders, but they would make great trivets. A trivet is a heat-resistant pad that protects your counters, tables, or any other surface from the hot dishes that you place on it. Get the pattern for the Hexi Puff Coaster.

Flower Hot Pad

Flower Hot Pad

Make a stunning crochet flower hot pad with this incredibly imaginative project. Get the pattern for the Flower Hot Pad. I recommend watching the helpful video tutorial, as some people have had trouble getting the flower just right.

Stargazer Pot Holder

Stargazer Pot Holder

This double-thick pot holder provides the ultimate protection for your fingers and countertops. The pattern features a gorgeous sunburst design achieved through the use of double crochet and front post double crochet stitches. Get the pattern for the Stargazer Pot Holder.

Pie Oven Mitts

Pie Oven Mitts

Choose between a lemon pie, a raspberry pie, or a cherry pie for your potholder pattern. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be making all three! Get the pattern for the Pie Oven Mitts.

Pot Holders with Bubbles

Pot Holders with Bubbles

You’re going to love displaying these sturdy pot holders featuring a delightful bubble design. Get the pattern for the Pot Holders with Bubbles.

Folded Potholder

Folded Potholder

This pattern is easily customizable. You can choose your favorite yarn and hook size to create as many of these folded potholders as you’d like. Get the pattern for the Folded Potholder.

Crochet potholders are a fun and creative way to put your skills on display. As you can see, there is an abundance of creative crochet potholder pattern ideas available for inspiration.

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