20 Easy Crochet Shrug Patterns

Get ready to be warm and cozy with these easy crochet cocoon shrug patterns. Crochet shrugs are the perfect complement to any outfit.

A crochet shrug is a garment that covers your shoulders and upper body. It’s usually made with a rectangular piece of fabric, which is then sewn or crocheted together at the sides.

Crochet shrugs are a great way to stay warm in the winter, and they also make great layering pieces for spring and fall.

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1. Hayride Shrug

hayride shrug

This hayride shrug combines all of your favorite fall comforts in one warm and cozy garment. This beginner-friendly pattern includes sizes XS to 5XL. Get the pattern for the Hayride Shrug.

2. Continuous Granny Square Shrug

Continuous Granny Square Shrug

Crochet a shrug from a simple granny square. With this pattern, you’ll learn how to make a continuous motif and seam it into a cozy cocoon cardigan. Get the pattern for the Continuous Granny Square Shrug.

3. Cuddler Cocoon Sweater

Crochet Cuddler Cocoon Sweater

I love a good crochet pattern from Sewrella. She creates the most beautiful and trendy crochet patterns. This cuddler cocoon sweater is no exception. Get the pattern for the Cuddler Cocoon Sweater.

4. Highland Neamh Cocoon Cardigan

Highland Neamh Cocoon Cardigan

This free crochet pattern will show you how to make a gorgeous short-sleeved cardigan. Get the pattern for the Highland Neamh Cocoon Cardigan.

5. Windowpane Cocoon Wrap

Windowpane Cocoon Wrap

This windowpane cocoon wrap is a great crochet garment pattern for beginners. Not only is this wrap gorgeous, but it works up pretty quickly and makes a great gift. Get the free pattern for the Windowpane Cocoon Wrap.

6. Oversized Ribbed Collar Shrug

Oversized Ribbed Collar Shrug

Pair this oversized ribbed collar shrug with jeans or leggings for the ultimate fall look. This is a one-size-fits-most pattern that’s meant to be oversized. Get the pattern for the Oversized Ribbed Collar Shrug.

7. Baja Crocheted Blanket Sweater

Baja Crocheted Blanket Sweater

If you’ve ever felt like wearing a blanket, now is your chance with the Baja crocheted blanket sweater. Get creative picking out your yarn colors for this one-size-fits-most pattern. Get the pattern for the Baja Crocheted Blanket Sweater.

8. Easy Crochet Shrug

Easy Crochet Shrug

This easy shrug can be worked up in just a few days. The shrug has minimal shaping and is designed to be loose-fitting. Get the pattern for the Easy Crochet Shrug.

9. Juno Shrug

juno shrug

While this is a one-size-fits-most pattern, it can easily be adjusted to fit any size up or down. You’ll love wearing this beautiful and trendy Juno shrug. Get the pattern for the Juno Shrug.

10. Coziest Crochet Cardigan

The Coziest Crochet Cardigan

This shrug-style cardigan is made from soft and cozy yarn that you’re going to love working with. Get the free pattern for the Coziest Crochet Cardigan. You can also download the ad-free PDF.

11. Urban Chic Cocoon Sweater

Urban Chic Cocoon Sweater

If you can crochet a rectangle, you can make this easy peasy urban chic cocoon sweater. The pattern includes instructions for making sizes S-XL. Get the pattern for the Urban Chic Cocoon Sweater.

12. Luxe Oversized Shrug

Luxe Oversized Shrug

This oversized shrug is stunning. I’ve had my eyes on this luxe oversized shrug for quite some time. I finally decided to add this pattern to the queue and plan on making my very own shrug very soon. Get the pattern for the Luxe Oversized Shrug.

13. Shrug and Poncho Wrap

Shrug and Poncho Wrap

This shrug and poncho wrap is gorgeous. This crochet project is good for an advanced beginner or intermediate crocheter. The pieces are both made with two long crochet rectangles that can be configured into an oversized shrug or poncho. Get the pattern for the Shrug and Poncho Wrap.

14. Coziest Crochet Cardigan

Coziest Crochet Cardigan

Crochet this stylish cardigan using Paton’s Classic Wool. To make this easy cardigan, all you’ll need to do is sew together four giant granny squares. Get the pattern for the Coziest Crochet Cardigan.

15. Movie Night Cocoon Cardi

Movie Night Cocoon Cardi

No matter the occasion, this cocoon cardigan is sure to keep you warm and cozy. It can be worn as a light summerweight or heavy winter garment if you use a chunkier yarn. Get the pattern for the Movie Night Cocoon Cardi.

16. Habitat Cardigan

Habitat Cardigan

Beginner-friendly and effortlessly stylish, this cardigan is the perfect first project for those looking to create their own wearable garment. With its simple stitch pattern and easy construction, you’ll have a sweater that you’ll love wearing time and time again. Get the pattern for the Habitat Cardigan.

17. Tulip Square Shrug

Tulip Square Shrug

This comfortable and lightweight shrug is perfect for layering. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that this shrug has a beautiful pattern on the back. Get the pattern for the Tulip Square Shrug.

18. Skyscape Shrug

Skyscape Shrug

Get cozy with this stunning striped cardigan. Crafted from a single large rectangle, this delightful pattern is a beginner’s dream. Get the pattern for the Skyscape Shrug.

19. Granny Twister Cardigan

Granny Twister Cardigan

Wrap yourself in style with this wonderful cardigan. This versatile piece is ideal for staying comfortable on chilly days or summer nights. Crafted in the iconic Granny pattern, it’s a fantastic choice for crochet beginners. Get the pattern for the Granny Twister Cardigan.

20. Dream Catcher Cardi

Dream Catcher Cardi

This chunky crochet shrug features a beautiful diamond motif on the back. It has an oversized fit, so consider sizing down if you want a more classic fit. Get the pattern for the Dream Catcher Cardi.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy crochet shrug pattern to keep you cozy all winter long or a blanket-style cocoon shrug to curl up in, I hope you were able to find the perfect pattern.

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