18 Crochet Patterns to Make This Winter

As the temperatures drop, now is the perfect time to cozy up with a fun winter crochet pattern project.

Here are fifteen crochet patterns that will give your home an inviting vibe this winter while also providing some perfect handmade gifts for friends and family (or yourself, of course).

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1. Delaney Cardigan

Delaney Cardigan

This cardigan is made with luxurious velvet yarn, but you can choose any bulky-weight yarn you like. It’s lightweight and extra soft, perfect for any time of the year. Get the pattern for the Delaney Cardigan (free version available).

2. Pine Tree Blanket

Pine Tree Blanket

This pine tree blanket makes the perfect addition to your winter decor. You can switch things up by crocheting pink or even purple trees. Get the pattern for the Pine Tree Blanket.

3. Hedgehog Amigurumi

Hedgehog Amigurumi

Imagine having this cuddly, fuzzy buddy in the palm of your hand. Made from flat panels cleverly stitched together, he’s the perfect size to display on your shelves. Get the pattern for the Hedgehog Amigurumi (free version available).

4. Woodland Walker Socks

Woodland Walker Crochet Socks

These socks are different from other crochet socks. They’re not lumpy, so you can actually wear them with shoes and be comfortable in any situation. Get the pattern for the Woodland Walker Socks.

5. Forest Lodge Chunky Throw Blanket

Forest Lodge Chunky Throw Blanket

Here’s a blanket that’s perfect for cozying up with on chilly nights. Using chunky yarn in any color you want, you’ll create a rustic and timeless blanket with an easy-to-learn stitch pattern. Get the pattern for the Forest Lodge Chunky Throw Blanket.

6. Macchiato Sweater

Macchiato Sweater

This macchiato sweater is soft, warm, cozy, and stylish. This sweater is worked as a yoke sweater in one piece from the top down. Get the pattern for the Macchiato Sweater.

7. Country Cottage Mittens

Country Cottage Mittens

Get cozy with the Country Cottage Mittens crochet pattern. These mittens are a breeze to make and come in five sizes for all ages. From toddlers to adults, you can knit a pair for the whole crew. Get the pattern for the Country Cottage Mittens (free version available).

8. Wanderlust Ribbed Beanie

Wanderlust Ribbed Beanie

This beanie pattern is perfect for beginners because there’s no need to worry about increasing or decreasing stitches. You’ll work it in a simple rectangle shape, then just sew the sides together and close up the top. Get the pattern for the Wanderlust Ribbed Beanie (free version available).

9. Winter Wonderland Coasters

Winter Wonderland Coasters

You can whip up these coasters in festive reds and greens. Or snowy whites and blues. They’re super quick and easy to make and make a great addition to your decor. Get the pattern for the Winter Wonderland Coasters (free version available).

10. Let It Snow Wall Hanging

Let It Snow Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is the ultimate festive touch for any living space – perfect for winter, and the holidays. Show off your amazing crochet skills and amaze your family and friends. Get the pattern for the Let It Snow Wall Hanging.

11. Double-Thick Potholders

Double-Thick Potholders

These potholders are the ultimate kitchen must-have. They are not only simple to make with a textured stitch, but also super thick and sturdy. Plus, they include a handy i-cord loop for easy hanging. Get the pattern for these Double-Thick Potholders.

12. Cozy Hygge Blanket Wrap


The Cozy Hygge Blanket Wrap is great for beginners. It uses the simple half double crochet stitch and works up quickly. Get the crochet pattern for the Cozy Hygge Blanket Wrap.

13. Sweater Wrap Scarf

Sweater Wrap Scarf

This beginner-friendly project is super easy and perfect for pairing with any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a tee, sweater, dress, or jacket, this crochet wrap is a must-have. It’s perfect for layering up during those chilly months. Get the pattern for the Sweater Wrap Scarf.

14. Pine Tree Pillow

Pine Tree Pillow

This pillow would go great with the pine tree blanket pattern that was shared above. If you enjoy making the bobble stitch, you’ll love making this pillow. Get the pattern for the Pine Tree Pillow.

15. Fawning Over You Sweater

Fawning Over You Sweater

This cute sweater has a stunning colorwork yoke and is made top-down, so adding the sleeves and the body is super simple. This is the ultimate crochet project for the winter. Get the pattern for the Fawning Over You Sweater.

16. Sunset Poncho


This poncho is created using the Caron Cakes self-striping yarn. That means your poncho colors will change with no effort on your part. I love how self-striping yarn gives your projects such a unique look. Get the pattern for the Sunset Poncho.

17. Simple Beginner Scarf


This tutorial will teach you beginner crochet skills, and also provide you with a beginner-friendly crochet scarf pattern and video tutorial. Get the pattern for this scarf for the Simple Beginner Scarf.

18. Wildwood Pullover

wildwood pullover

This pattern is written in a way that allows you to easily adjust the width and length of the sweater. If you want something fun to make and trendy, give the wildflower pullover a try. Get the pattern for the Wildwood Pullover.

Winter is the perfect time to make one of these wonderful crochet patterns. From scarves to blankets to amigurumi, I hope you were able to find a great winter-themed pattern.

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