Cute Crochet Pillow Patterns

If you’re looking for cute crochet pillow patterns, I’ve got you covered. Crochet pillows make such great additions to any home decor.

You can sit them on the couch in your living room or on your bed in your bedroom. They really do just make any room look stylish and comfortable. In this post, I’m sharing a variety of crochet pillow patterns. You’ll find cactus pillows, food pillows, animal pillows, classic pillows, and more.

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Jumbo Corn Dog

Jumbo corn dog feature

You can add this corn dog to your plushie collection or display it as a cute pillow on your couch or bed. Get the pattern for the Jumbo Corn Dog.

Ice Cream Cone Pillow

Ice Cream Cone Toy

Create your own adorable oversized ice cream cone with this quick and easy crochet pattern. Perfect for snuggling up with, this cushy creation is sure to make you happy. Get the pattern for the Ice Cream Cone Pillow.

Moon Pillow

moon pillow

This free crochet pattern for a cozy moon pillow will add a touch of celestial charm to any room in your home! Get the pattern for the Moon Pillow.

Strawberry Plush

Strawberry Plush

This adorable little fruit is the perfect way to add a pop of color and cuteness to your space and is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Get the pattern for the Strawberry Plush.

Pumpkin Pie

crochet pumpkin pie

This pumpkin pie is the perfect fall project, but the pattern itself is a great year-round pattern if you change the type of pie you make. You can change your pie flavor by choosing a different yarn color for the pie filling. Get the pattern for the Pumpkin Pie.

Heart-Shaped Pillow

Heart Shaped Pillow

Here’s a heart-themed project that will make a great addition to your home decor. Place your completed pillow on your bed or couch to add a piece of handmade beauty to the area. Get the Heart-Shaped Pillow Pattern.

Toaster Pastry

toaster pastry feature

If you love food-themed crochet, you’re going to adore this toaster pastry plushie. Get the pattern for the Toaster Pastry.

Anthropologie Inspired Long Pillow


This pillow would add a great pop of color to a minimalist bedroom. The skill level isn’t listed for this pattern; however, I would say that this pattern would be best for intermediate crocheters. Beginners may find the written pattern to be overwhelming. Get the pattern for the Anthropologie Inspired Long Pillow.

Boho Vibes Pillow


This boho vibe is inspired by the ’70s home decor. I think this pillow is so beautiful, and you can do so many different things with the colors. Get the pattern for the Boho Vibes Pillow.

Penguin Cushion


I love this adorable penguin cushion. This pillow would look cute sitting in your chair. You can create your penguin with or without the bow. You can also change the color of your bow. Get the pattern for the Penguin Cushion.

Lunar Craters Pillow

Lunar Craters Pillow

This moon pillow is available via a free pattern on Instagram. Scroll through the images to see the full pattern. Get the pattern for the Lunar Craters Pillow (Instagram Pattern).

Unicorn Pillow


This cute little unicorn pillow is to be squeezed and snuggled. This pillow would look wonderful in a nursery or child’s bedroom. You can make your own using pastel colors or darker colors if you prefer. Get the pattern for the Unicorn Pillow.

French Macaron Pillow


Treat yourself or a friend to this French macaron pillow. This pattern comes with two sizes: Large – 13 inches in diameter and small – 9 inches in diameter. This is a great project for beginners. Get the pattern for the French Macaron Pillow.

Shark Pillow


This shark pillow would look great in a child’s room. It would also be a great birthday gift for a child or adult. This is such a great pillow design. Get the pattern for the Shark Pillow.

Rainbow Pillow


This rainbow pillow is just the cutest. This pillow would make a wonderful gift for a little girl or boy. You can change up the colors to suit the child you’re giving it to. Get the pattern for the Rainbow Pillow.

Rainbow Pillow


This rainbow pillow is just darling. I really love the color scheme used for this pillow. I also love the clouds that are attached to the bottom of the pillow. Get the pattern for the Rainbow Pillow.

Diamonds in the Puff Pillow


This classic diamonds in the puff pillow is just gorgeous. If seeing the puffs in the design worries you, don’t let them. This is actually an easy pattern that’s beginner-friendly. Get the pattern for the Diamonds in the Puff Pillow.

Cactus Pillow


If you love the cactus aesthetic, you have to make this pillow for yourself. This cactus pillow would also make a great housewarming gift for a friend or family member. Get the pattern for the Cactus Pillow.

Many Cats Square


I absolutely adore this cat square crochet pillow. I don’t own a cat, and I still want to make this for myself. If you’re a cat owner, this pillow would make the perfect addition to your home decor. Get the pattern for the Many Cats Square. Update: I just discovered that there’s a free version of this pattern that you can use.

Octopus Squish

Octopus Squish

The cuddliest companion you won’t be able to resist! Crafted with Bernat Blanket yarn, it’s incredibly soft and surprisingly fast to make. Get the pattern for the Octopus Squish.

Heart Pillow

Heart Pillow

This crochet heart pillow is the perfect way to show your love to someone you care about. This pillow would make a great addition to your home decor too. Get the pattern for the Heart Pillow.

Candy Heart Pillow

Candy Heart Pillow

Make a sweet statement in your home decor with this pillow. Designed to resemble the iconic conversation heart candies we all love, this pillow is the perfect accent for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Get the pattern for the Candy Heart Pillow.

Dragon Eye Pillow

Dragon Eye Pillow

Designed for all skill levels, this pattern is easy to follow. From beginners to experts, everyone will have the tools they need to excel at creating this cool pillow. Get the pattern for the Dragon Eye Pillow.

Blooming Flower Cushion

Blooming Flower Cushion

Add some colorful charm to your home decor with the vibrant blooming flower cushion crochet pattern. This pattern allows you to crochet a stunning cushion cover that will brighten up any room. Get the pattern for the Blooming Flower Cushion.

Crochet pillows can be the perfect complement to any room, adding a wonderful handmade touch. From small pillows for brightening up an area to large cushions that add extra comfort and style to your home, there is something here for everyone.

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