Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

If you love plants, why not hang some of your plants using a handmade crochet plant holder? In this post, I’m sharing free crochet plant hanger patterns.

If you’re not sure which plants to hang, some of my favorite plants to hang are the Fern, English Ivy, Geranium, Spider plant, and Pothos plant. You could also hang artificial plants if you don’t like the maintenance required for having real plants (such as watering them or replacing the soil).

Another good reason for hanging artificial plants is that they don’t weight was much as real plants. Check out this quick collection of free crochet plant hanger patterns and tutorials. These are the perfect project if you’re looking for something that works up quickly.

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It’s Not Macrame! Plant Hanger


Isn’t this a gorgeous DIY crochet plant hanger? This plant hanger would make a wonderful gift. The pattern for this tutorial is extremely helpful, as it includes lots of clear step-by-step photos. Get the pattern for the It’s Not Macrame! Plant Hanger.

Crochet Plant Hanger

crochet plant hanger

This crochet plant hanger can be created in 25 minutes or less. That means this hanger will make the perfect last-minute gift. Additionally, you can whip up a few these in under and hour to add to your home decor. Get the pattern for the Crochet Plant Hanger.

Easy Plant Hanger

easy plant hanger

What a creative crochet plant hanger. This project works up quickly and only needs one skein of yarn. Additionally, the pattern allows you to easily adjusted the hanger so that it fits different pot sizes. Get the pattern for the Plant Hanger.

Boho Crochet Plant Hanger

boho crochet plant hanger

This boho plant hanger includes a written pattern as well as a video pattern. Although this is an easy project, it’s always helpful to have a video to watch for a bit of extra help. Get the pattern for the Boho Crochet Plant Hanger (no longer a free pattern).

The Lemon Peel Planter

lemon peel planter

This quick and easy Lemon Peel Planter would make a great housewarming gift for friends or family. The pattern creator provides a note that you don’t want to play anything too heavy in the hanger as you’ll stretch out the yarn. Get the pattern for the The Lemon Peel Planter.

Crochet Air Plant Jellyfish 

crochet air plant jellyfish

I love this air plant jellyfish plant hanger. If you have air plants in your home, this is the perfect crochet hanger to add to your home decor. If you’re looking for instant gratification, you’ll be glad to know that this project works up quickly. Get the pattern for the Crochet Air Plant Jellyfish .

Crochet Plant Hanger


This blog post includes a lot of helpful step-by-step photos, there is also a video tutorial linked within the post. This pattern will fit a small indoor pot and plant, so this plant hanger is perfect for your smaller plants. Get the pattern for the Crochet Plant Hanger (no longer available).

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