Mom’s Easy Oxtail Stew Recipe

This easy oxtail stew recipe is the perfect meal for a chilly evening at home. My mom recently shared a picture of her oxtail stew on social media, and since sharing, its received thousands of likes, shares and comments.

After receiving so much attention, I asked her if she would share her recipe on the blog. Her response was, “there is no recipe.” Turns out, this stew requires just a few ingredients, and is so easy to make, it really doesn’t require a recipe.

moms easy oxtails stew

Even though this meal is quite simple to prepare, I’ve asked mom to break down the ingredients and steps so that I can share this yummy recipe with you today. I’m warning you though, this stew is so tasty and easy to make, you’ll seriously be amazed!

oxtails, gravy and mixed vegetables

In the old days, oxtails came from oxen. Today, however, oxtails are simply the tails of cows. If you’ve never had oxtails, you’re in for a real treat. Think of them as short ribs, but more tender, flavorful and with a silkier texture.

Because oxtails are a tougher cut of meat, they require a longer cooking time to get them tender and release their wonderful flavor. They’re definitely worth the wait though.

Oxtails were once a cheap cut of meat, however, due to their growing popularity, it’s actually become one of the more expensive cuts of meats. The oxtails used in this recipe were over $7 per pound.

If you can’t get your hands on oxtails, substitutes include short ribs, shank, or veal; though these may not taste as flavorful as oxtails.

Ingredients for Oxtail Stew

  • 2-2.5lbs oxtails
  • 1 – 12oz. bag mixed vegetables
  • 1 packet brown gravy mix
  • 1 lb russet potatoes diced
  • Seasonings of your choice. Mom uses Lawry’s seasoned salt, garlic salt and black pepper.

Instructions for Oxtail Stew

1. Place the oxtails in a large heavy based pot, cover them with water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

2. Once the water is boiling, cover and turn the heat down to low. Simmer for about two hours. Skim off impurities as needed.

3. After about two hours, it’s time to add your seasonings to taste. Mom uses a combination of Lawry’s seasoned salt, garlic salt and black pepper. You can use whatever seasoning’s you’d like. If you like onion powder, add onion powder. You’ll also want to add in the mixed vegetables, brown gravy packet, and potatoes.

4. Cover and cook until your potatoes are tender; about 30 minutes. If you find that your stew is getting too thick, add more water as needed. Serve warm.

I hope you enjoy this easy and delicious oxtail stew. What I love about easy meals like this is that they are so customizable. Feel free to add garlic or fresh herbs (such as thyme) to your stew. You can also serve this dish with crusty bread, cornbread, or warm biscuits.

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