70 Tree Drawings to Spark Your Creativity

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Are you a creative who loves to draw but sometimes feels stuck in a rut when looking for new inspiring ideas? Here is a collection of tree drawings to help get your creative juices flowing.

You’ll be amazed at how these wonderful inspirations can spark your creativity, open up exciting possibilities for experimentation and give you plenty of fresh ideas to pursue.

1. Nine Different Tree Drawings

best tree drawings

This collection of nine different tree drawings features an oak tree, palm tree, willow tree, pine tree, cypress tree, baobab tree, and a birch maple spruce tree.

2. Bay Laurel Tree

Bay Laurel Tree Drawing

The Bay Laurel Tree (Laurus nobilis) is an evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region. Its aromatic leaves, commonly used in cooking, are most recognizable by their distinctive, pungent fragrance.

3. Old Tree Drawing

Old Tree Drawing

This drawing features a tree that has been around for many years. It’s filled with vibrant green leaves and has a thick and healthy trunk.

4. Sixteen Tree Silhouettes

Sixteen Tree Silhouette Drawings

Your trees don’t have to include much detail to get your vision across. Here are sixteen different tree silhouettes that you can practice drawings for fun.

5. Easy Tree Drawing

Easy Tree Drawing
iStock/Zdenek Sasek

If you’re looking for an easy tree drawing, this is a great reference for you. The tree is drawn simply, with just a few details to add to its appearance.

6. Stylized Tree Drawings

Stylized Tree Drawings
iStock/Oksana Ermak

Add some flair to your drawings by going for a more stylized look. These trees are fun to draw and allow you to explore your creativity.

7. Simple Tree Drawing

Simple Tree Drawing

Drawing a tree can be an enjoyable yet simple experience. It’s amazing how a few basic shapes and lines can create such a beautiful landscape.

8. Continuous Line Pine Tree

Continuous Line Pine Tree Drawing
iStock/Tetiana Garkusha

Continuous line art can be a soothing and calming activity. It requires an individual to focus on the details of the trees, drawing each branch with one single line that is continuously connected until the whole tree is created.

9. Black Tree with Roots

Black Tree with Roots Drawing
iStock/ndah Kusumaningrum

Creating a completely black tree is an underutilized creative idea. This concept of a tree drawing with its roots showing has great potential for visual interpretation due to its symbolism and meaning.

10. Six Olive Tree Drawings

Six Olive Tree Drawings

Olive trees serve not only as sources of food but also as beautiful ornamental trees that provide character to living spaces with their unique shape and eye-catching blossoms.

11. Six Simple Tree Drawings

Six Simple Tree Drawings

Drawing trees does not have to be a complicated process. In fact, there are many simple ideas that can inspire you to draw or doodle basic trees.

12. Eight Different Tree Drawings

Eight Different Tree Drawings

This set of hand-drawn trees includes a dragon blood tree, poplar tree, Japanese maple tree, apple tree, brahea tree, olive tree, acacia tree, and sequoia tree.

13. Tree on a Rocky Slope

Tree on a Rocky Slope Drawing
iStock/Tetiana Garkusha

If you’re looking for a creative challenge, consider drawing a tree on a rocky slope using the continuous line art technique. I like how the twisted trunk is growing on the slope.

14. Oak Tree Drawing

Oak Tree Drawing

The mighty oak tree is a sight to behold. Drawing a beautiful oak tree takes time and patience, but the finished results are worth the effort.

15. Fun Tree Drawing

Fun Tree Drawing

If you’re looking for fun tree drawing ideas, you’ll love this one. It features a vast collection of hand-drawn trees, each with its own unique shape and pattern.

16. Hand Drawn Family Tree

Hand Drawn Family Tree
iStock/Mariia Smirnova

Creating a hand-drawn family tree is not only an enjoyable art activity but also an excellent way to document and preserve your family’s history.

17. Minimalist Tree Drawing

Minimalist Tree Drawing
iStock/Tetiana Garkusha

If you want to add your handmade art to your home decor, consider drawing a minimalist tree such as this. It’s a simple design that still looks very artistic.

18. Olive Tree (Family Tree) Drawing

Olive Tree (Family Tree) Drawing
iStock/Mariia Smirnova

Here’s another family tree drawing idea, this one showcasing the beautiful olive tree. The olive tree represents wisdom and abundance, prosperity, and long life.

19. Four Hand Drawn Trees

Four Hand Drawn Trees

These four hand-drawn trees serve as great inspiration for your tree drawing. Use these sketches to practice drawing realistic trees.

20. Tree Growing from Heart

Tree Growing from Heart

This tree growing from a heart is a captivating piece that immediately catches your eye with its thought-provoking illustration.

There are so many ways to add creativity and beauty to a tree drawing. By looking at various tree drawings and finding ways to express yourself artistically, you can create something that speaks from your heart.

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