20 Beautiful Watercolor Butterfly Painting Ideas

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These watercolor butterfly painting ideas are just beautiful. Now that spring is here, I find myself wanting to paint objects in nature, such as butterflies, flowers, and birds.

I love using real objects for my painting references; however, when that’s not possible, using pictures or being inspired by painting references can also be a great inspiration.

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Worksheets I Use to Practice Watercolor

1. Monarch Butterfly

watercolor monarch butterfly
Image Credit: jodieostenfeldart

If you love the monarch butterfly, you’ll love this simple watercolor painting of this beautiful butterfly. This is a great butterfly painting reference.

2. Wing Close-Up

butterfly wings

Here’s an up-close picture of a butterfly wing. You can watch a full video tutorial for painting this butterfly from Blushed Design.

3. Watercolor Butterfly

easy watercolor butterfly

I really love the gold lines that were added to this painting. Make sure you check out the artist to see more paintings.

4. Lots of Butterflies

lots of butterflies
Image Credit: scrapallright

This painting is so fun and colorful. I think that this would look great framed and hung on your wall.

5. Emerald Butterfly

watercolor emerald butterfly
Image Credit: asia.drawings

I love the colors that were chosen for this painting. In case you’re wondering, this is a painting of a large emerald butterfly.

6. Background Flowers

butterfly with floral background
Image Credit: emapantea.art

This painting is insanely detailed, and I love the addition of the floral tree in the background.

7. Feathers, Mushrooms, and More

butterfly with mushrooms
Image Credit: ameriyadesign

I adore the color palette that was chosen for this painting. A painting like this would make a great gift.

8. Floral Wing

flower wings
Image Credit: _art_moments_

This butterfly painting is so creative and unique. This butterfly would look great using different colors too.

9. Monarch on Flower

monarch on flower

I just love how it looks like the butterfly is standing on top of the flower. Check out Kateryna Savchenko to see a video of the making of the painting.

10. Butterfly Wallpaper

butterfly wallpaper
Image Credit: walltime_creativepaper

This is actually a gorgeous butterfly wallpaper (for your home). Make sure you check out the artist to view more wallpaper designs.

11. Shades of Blue

shades of blue
Image Credit: ami.kinasih

Not only are these butterflies wonderful, I just love the color scheme that was chosen for them.

12. Blue and Yellow

blue and yellow butterfly
Image Credit: aquarelaroseh

This painting is actually a custom order. The finished painting came out so beautiful.

13. Creative with Watercolor

Watercolor butterfly
Image Credit: artis_6446

What a beautiful watercolor butterfly painting. I love the unique style of this artist.

14. Brown Stripes

butterfly with brown stripes
Image Credit: emapantea.art

This is the painting that I shared above but without the floral background. Again, I find this to be such a stunning painting.

15. Elegant Butterflies

elegant butterfly
Image Credit: aureapen.calligraphy

These butterflies are so creative and elegant. I love the art style used in this painting.

16. How to Paint a Butterfly

how to paint a butterfly
Image Credit: dearannart

Here’s a great tutorial that shows you how to easily draw and paint your own simple butterfly.

17. Different Angles

butterfly different angle
Image Credit: eli.rmoreno

If you’re looking for a simple butterfly reference, I think you’ll love this painting that shows a butterfly from different angles.

18. Blue and Gold Butterfly

Blue and Gold Butterfly
Image Credit: emapantea.art

I love the colors used to paint this beautiful blue and gold butterfly. This butterfly has a lot of detail, so this is definitely more of an advanced painting.

19. Butterflies and a House

butterflies and house
Image Credit: isa_l.eau

Not only does this painting feature beautiful butterflies, but it also includes a cute little house where the butterflies appear to be coming from the chimney.

20. Three-Step Butterfly Painting Tutorial

three step butterfly tutorial
Credit: atelier_amateur

Learn how to paint this beautiful purple and black butterfly in three easy steps with this simple tutorial.

If you’re looking for some beautiful watercolor painting ideas, butterflies are a great place to start.

Their delicate wings and bright colors make them the perfect subject matter for any painter. Try out these techniques and see how your paintings turn out.

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