20 Watercolor Cat Painting Ideas

If you are an avid cat lover and watercolor art enthusiast, I’m sharing 20 amazing watercolor painting ideas featuring one of my favorite animals – the beloved cat.

If you love getting creative with your artistic endeavors, then these awesome watercolor cat painting ideas are truly perfect.

1. Vibrant Watercolor Cat

Vibrant Watercolor Cat

This painting idea is my version of an adorable cat witha colorful twist. Use vibrant watercolor paints such as pink, blue, and purple, to create a painting that stands out.

2. Watercolor Tabby Cat

Watercolor Tabby Cat

Tabby cats are just the cutest. Create a great looking cat using orange color watercolor paint. Use your skills to capture the beauty of these adventerous cats.

3. Cute Cat Faces

Cute Cat Faces

I love this collection of multiple cute cats and their sweet little faces. Each cat has it’s own color pallete, and unique facial expression.

4. Siamese Cat Painting

Siamese Cat Painting

One of my favorite cat breeds is the Siamese cat. Paint a beautiful Siamese cat in watercolor using this painting as a reference guide.

5. Cat Wearing a Floral Crown

Cat Wearing a Floral Crown
iStock/Julia August

This painting of a cat wearing a beautiful floral crown is so adorable. You can add extra details like butterflies in the background of your painting for added beauty.

6. Watercolor Grey Cat

Watercolor Grey Cat
iStock/Margaryta Shevchyshena

If you’re looking for a simple painting idea, recreate this simple grey cat. Sketch out a quick outline of the cat, then use black and grey watercolor paint everything in.

7. Kittens Cuddling in Blankets

Kittens Cuddling in Blankets
iStock/Yukari MISHIMA

You can’t go wrong with a cute painting of kittens cuddling with each other under a blanket. Use soft colors (like pastels) to create a warm and cozy vibe.

8. Cat Sleeping

Cat Sleeping
iStock/Ekaterina Kudriavtseva

You’ll love painting a beautiful and peaceful image of a cat sleeping. This cat is culled up in a ball and enjoying a good rest. Use this reference to a paint your favorite cat having a nap.

9. Peaceful Cat

iStock/Julia August

This cat is definitely having a peaceful moment. Consider adding more details like stars in background to make the scene look even more tranquil.

10. Cat Listening to Music

Cat Listening to Music
iStock/Alina Vasileva

This cat is jamming to it’s favorite song! Capture the essence of a cat having a good time with your next painting.

11. Mermaid Cat

Mermaid Cat

I bet you’ve never seen a mermaid cat this adorable before. Use shades of blue and maybe even purple, to make your painting look dreamy and magical.

12. Simple Cat Doodles

Simple Cat Doodles
iStock/Daria Sokolova

If you need a quick, easy, and fun painting project, paint a few doodles of cats with watercolor. I love the uniqueness of these cats. Remeber to incorperate your own fun style into your art.

13. Cute Cat Wearing a Headband

Cute Cat Wearing a Headband

This cat wearing an animal print headband is beyond awesome. I tink one of the most enjoying aspects of creating a painting like this is choosing the design and color for the headband.

14. Bold Watercolor Kitten

Bold Watercolor Kitten

Paint a bold and beautiful watercolor kitten. Use darker colors to bring out the feisty energy of this adorable creature.

15. Black Cat Painting

Black Cat Painting
iStock/Ilona Winter

Many people believe that owning a black cat brings bad luck. I’m not a supersticious person, and I absolutely adore these beautiful creatures. If you too love black cats, this painting is a wonderful reference.

16. Cat Wearing a Bonjour Eye Mask

Cat Wearing a Bonjour Eye Mask
iStock/Julia August

Try painting a cat wearing an eye mask with the design of your choice. This mask says “Bonjour,” but yours can say whatever you’d like. You can even scrap the text altogether, and paint a cool design instead.

17. Realistic Watercolor Cat

Realistic Watercolor Cat

Keep things simple by creating a classic painting of a realistic cat. If you decide to use this reference, it will require a bit more patience than some of the other paintings, but the finished results will be worth it.

18. Cat in a Box

Cat in a Box
iStock/Julia August

This cat sitting inside a box is awesome. A few features you could add to this painting are balls of yarn, cat toys, or even paint a blanket on the floor surrounding the box.

19. Cat Wearing a Red Bow

Cat Wearing a Red Bow
iStock/Julia August

You can’t go wrong with a painting of a cat wearing a red polka dot bow. You could also paint a pink bow, green bow, or going with your favorite color. Additionally, you could turn the polka dots into stars.

20. Cat Wearing a Blue Scarf

Cat Wearing a Blue Scarf
iStock/Julia August

Once the cooler seasons come around, you’ll want to give your cat a warm scarf. You could also paint a cat wearing a scarf and a beanie (with a pop-pom).

These are twenty amazing watercolor painting ideas that feature cats in different scenarios and expressions. These paintings are sure to inspire you to create amazing works of art that are truly special.

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