You’ll Love These Aesthetic Drawings and Illustrations from Artist Mixx Karen

If you’re looking for an artist that creates aesthetic drawings and illustrations, you need to check out the talented artist Mixx Karen.

Karen is a designer and illustrator based in Malaysia. She creates art that is beautiful, creative, and meaningful.

girl painting
Artist Credit: mixxkaren

Not only does Karen create hand-drawn art, but she also creates amazing digital designs using Procreate.

Along with her illustrations that are available for your viewing pleasure, Karen also accepts commissions for custom logos and other projects.

cool girl aesthetic
Artist Credit:mixxkaren

You can also follow her on Instagram for more beautiful creations. Below I’m sharing some of the wonderful works of art that you can find on the @mixxkaren Instagram account.

Chinese girl drawing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
Girl with hat drawing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
tv head with planets drawing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren

Take the Binoculars

This drawing is part of a “flowers series.” Each piece in this series features flowers being incorporated in a beautiful way. To see more drawings from this series, check out these nine illustrations.

girl with flowers aesthetic drawing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
easy trippy drawing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
girl wearing glasses aesthetic
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
galaxy cereal drawing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren

Eyes Are the Windows to Your Soul

William Shakespeare once said that “The eyes are the windows to your soul.” Karen mentions that this drawing was inspired by JeyRam, a talented artist that specializes in creating spiritual art.

eye with planets sketch
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
girl with sweater and flowers
Artist Credit: mixxkaren

Opening A Beverage

This art piece is part of the Mixx Karen Inktober challenge. During the month of October, artists will post a drawing that goes along with a corresponding prompt.

Its been such a great experience seeing a fun and new art piece each day! To share your work with Karen on Instagram, use the hashtag #mixxkaren.

opening a soda drawing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
watch with galaxy
Artist Credit: mixxkaren

Tea Time Aesthetic

This tea-time drawing is absolutely stunning! You don’t have to drink tea to love this work of art. I love how Karen incorporates planets into this drawing to make it creative and unique.

tea time aesthetic
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
drawing of camera
Artist Credit: mixxkaren
girl with colorful clothing
Artist Credit: mixxkaren

TV Head

Here’s a cool concept that is so fun to look at. I’ve always been a fan of art that has a great galaxy theme, so I just love this TV head drawing.

tv head
Artist Credit: mixxkaren

Witch and Owl Aesthetic

This witch and owl drawing is truly beautiful and the perfect aesthetic for Halloween and the month of October.

The black, white, and gold color palette goes perfectly together. I love the overall theme of this piece.

witch and owl aesthetic
Artist Credit: mixxkaren


Fans of the Nintendo Switch will appreciate this art piece. I love using my Switch to play Animal Crossing New Horizons, Luigi’s Mansion, and more.

Artist Credit: mixxkaren

I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering a new artist and checking out their amazing work. Once again, if you would like to see more from Karen, you can visit her website at and follow her on Instagram.

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