40 Orange Nail Designs to Freshen Up Your Look

Orange nail designs are great because they can be worn at any time of year. In case you didn’t know, the color orange is associated with meanings of joy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Orange also symbolizes strength and endurance.

If you’re someone who likes to keep their nails looking fresh and trendy, then consider trying out one of these orange nail designs. From simple and chic designs to more complex and eye-catching ones, there’s definitely an orange nail design out there that’ll suit your taste.

Neon Orange

neon orange nails
Artist Credit: annagasienica_

Consider adding an accent nail design to your orange nails. These nails have a fun black and white zebra style pattern that’s been paired with a matte orange nail polish.

Plenty of Waves

colorful wavy nails
Artist Credit: beautyspace_charlotte

I can’t get over how stunning these nails are. If you’re looking for an orange nail design, you can have the orange shades painted onto each nail.

Peach Daiquiri and Bellini

light orange nails with heart
Artist Credit: bychloe.page

Using peach daiquiri and bellini gel nail polish, you can create these simple and beautiful nails. You can hand paint the heart design, or use a heart stencil or sticker sheet.

Shades of Orange

shades of orange nails
Artist Credit: jindynails

Combine different shades of orange to create a lovely nail design that’s perfect for everyday wear. If this is your first time getting your nails done, this length is great for you.

Vibrant Orange with Rhinestones

orange nails with rhinestones
Artist Credit: koguci_pazurek

Place a few rhinestones on your nails to give them an elegant look that makes them stand out. Add embellishments to one, a few, or all of your nails.

Animal Print

animal print orange nails
Artist Credit: malgorzata_jankowska_indigo

Lovers of animal print nail designs will love these cheetah print acrylic nails. This pattern is the perfect accent for orange nails. I also really love the addition of the gold foil.

Bright Orange

bright orange nails
Artist Credit: megan.anne_beauty

This summer, you’ll love rocking your bright orange nails. If you enjoy doing your own nails, keep it simple by adding a few coats of your favorite orange nail polish.

Retro Bright

orange and blue nails
Artist Credit: mindbody_glow

When I look at these nails, I get retro vibes. From the chosen colors to the funky design, these nails would be so fun to show off to your friends.

Orange Glitter

orange glitter nails
Artist Credit: nagelsalonpauline

Add some sparkle to your day by placing some orange glitter on your nails. Have fun playing around with different shades to get your perfect look.

Neon Sunrise

orange French tips
Artist Credit: nails_byilariaaa

If you enjoy wearing French tips nail designs, consider using a neon orange color. It adds a fun twist to a classic look that you’re going to love.

Pink, Orange, and White

pink orange and white nails
Artist Credit: nails.kejxs

Pink, orange, and white come together to create a gorgeous set of nails. This pattern would also look great on almond-shaped nails.

Orange Swirls

orange swirl nails
Artist Credit: nailsbyamyf

Consider adding some silver swirls to your nails to give your design a fun look. This look could also look nice using a different shade of orange.

Spring Vibes

spring nails
Artist Credit: nailsbyharriet_

These orange and purple pastel nails definitely give off spring and summer vibes. I love the colors that were chosen for these nails, and the shape and length are perfect.

Pearls with Orange Tips

pearls with orange tips
Artist Credit: nailsbykenedie

Make your nails stand out with a cool design like this one. Stiletto nails are covered with pearls and have vibrant orange tips. You’ll definitely get a lot of compliments on your nails.

Orange with Daisies

orange nails with daisies
Artist Credit: nailsoftheday_pl

When you get long acrylic nails, it gives you more space to make your designs shine. These nails feature beautiful handpainted daisies.

Smiley Face and Flowers

smiley face and flower nails
Artist Credit: nailzz_by_kat

Show off your fun side with a design that’s filled with bright and colorful flowers, and smiley faces. This look is perfect for the next summer festival you attend.

Orange and White Nails with Hearts

orange and white nails with hearts
Artist Credit: nataliacevedonails

These orange and white nails are gorgeous and creative. They feature a classic white French tip design, along with a fun orange pattern, and tiny hearts.

Nike Logo

nike logo nails
Artist Credit: paiges.nail.kitchen

Have you ever considered adding a logo to your nails? This design features the Nike logo along with other cool patterns. I like how one hand uses an orange color palette and one uses a pink color palette.

Marble Effect

Tie Dye Orange Nails
Credit: nails_bydreaa

Create a luxurious look with marble-inspired nails. Mix in some orange shades for a unique twist on this classic trend.

Orange Waves

Wavy Orange Nails
Credit: angeliquehebert_beautyconcept

Add some movement to your nails with a wavy design in two different shades of orange. This design is perfect for those who want something fun and playful.

Solid and Marble Orange

Solid and Marble Orange Nails
Credit: _luca_nails

Combine solid orange nails with a few marble accent nails for a modern and creative look. Experiment with different orange color palettes to create a unique design.

Orange Glitter Effect

Orange Glitter Effect
Credit: amanda.sudolll

Add some sparkle to your life with an orange glitter nail design. This design uses glitter at the base of the nail, but you can go all out with a full set of glitter nails.

Orange and White Florals

Credit: dagmara.zajac_

You can add a touch of elegance to your nails with a floral orange and white design. Use fine brush strokes or nail stickers to create delicate flowers on your natural or acrylic nails.

White and Orange Flowers

White and Orange Flowers
Credit: nails.antofigueroa

Simple yet eye-catching, this design features white and orange flowers on a simple beige background. Perfect for summertime, you’re going to love this look.

Orange Dots

Orange Dots Nails
Credit: merima_abdic_pmu

Give your classic French manicure a twist with orange tips and polka-dot accents. This design is perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Nails
Credit: sylwia.ka_1982

Embrace the fall season with a pumpkin-inspired nail design. Use a mix of orange and brown, and even glitter, to create a playful and festive look.

Modern Orange and Pink

Modern Orange and Pink Nails
Credit: spectrumcollections

Combine two vibrant colors, orange and pink, for a bold and modern nail design. Use geometric shapes or abstract patterns to create a unique look.

Orange Lines

Orange Lines Nails
Credit: nailsbyharriet_

Keep it simple yet stylish with orange lines and stripes on a neutral beige base. This design is perfect for any occasion and can easily be achieved with tape or nail stickers.


Oranges Nails
Credit: beautique_kent

Take inspiration from nature with a fun and playful orange fruit design. This is a great option for those who want to make a statement with their nails.

Shades of Orange Waves

Shades of Orange Waves
Credit: sasa_nails2013

Create a mesmerizing look by blending different shades of orange in a wavy pattern. This design is perfect for those who want to nails that stand out from the crowd.

Neon Orange

Neon Orange Nails
Credit: minea.nails

You’re going to love these bold neon orange nails. Perfect for a night out or adding some fun to your everyday look.

Orange Heart

Orange Heart
Credit: entice_makeup_nails_

Show some love with a cute and simple orange heart design. Use a fine brush or nail pen to create the perfect heart shape on a white base.

Pale Orange

Pale Orange Nails
Credit: beautyshop_bylucie

Combine a beige base with wavy white lines filled in with a pale orange for a subtle yet chic nail design. This is a great option for those who want to keep it simple but still make an impact.


Credit: luxapolish

A cool idea is to add fruit designs to your nails. Use shades of orange, yellow, and green to create a cute citrus design. The white French tips really make the colors pop.

Sunset Ombre

Sunset Ombre Nails
Credit: avrnailswatches

Create a stunning gradient effect on your nails with shades of orange, yellow, and pink. Perfect for a tropical vacation or adding some brightness to your day.

Ombre French Tips

Ombre French Tips
Credit: arellyys_nailss

Take your French manicure to the next level with a gradient effect on the tips. Use shades of dark and light orange to create a beautiful ombre look.

Leopard Print

Leopard Print
Credit: minea.nails

Add some wildlife to your nails with a leopard print design. If you want to give your nails an edgy effect, this design is perfect.

Orange Rhinestones

Orange Rhinestones Nails
Credit: arellyys_nailss

Make your nails stand out with some orange rhinestones. Use them as accents on a solid color nail or create a design using the rhinestones.

The next time you’re looking for a bright and cheerful nail design that will make you feel confident and upbeat, consider an orange hue. This color is perfect for any season, but it’s especially great during the autumn months when we all need a little bit of brightness in our lives.

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