25 Super Cute Love-Themed Drawings

If you’re in the mood to draw something super cute, you’ll enjoy being inspired by these love-themed drawings.

Whether you’re looking for something to doodle on your notebook, hang on your wall, or send to someone special, these ideas will surely make you smile.

1. Guy Holding a Girl Drawing

Guy Holding a Girl Drawing
Credit: Tumblr

A classic representation of love, this drawing shows a guy holding a girl in his arms with an expression of pure adoration on his face. They both are looking towards each other lovingly.

2. Girl Kissing Guy on the Cheek Drawing

Girl Kissing Guy on the Cheek Drawing
Credit: Pinterest

This sweet drawing shows a girl leaning in to kiss her guy on the cheek. He has a surprised look on his face as she embraces him tenderly.

3. Two Avocados Holding Hands Drawing

Two Avocados Holding Hands Drawing

This adorable drawing idea is perfect for a fun and simple way to draw avocados. Draw two avocados holding hands, and don’t forget to place hearts above them.

4. Couple on Swing Drawing

Couple on Swing Drawing
Credit: Melitta

This endearing drawing of a couple on their own swings is just adorable. They are both trying to hold hands as they swing through the sky, but neither can quite manage it.

5. Floral Heart Drawing

Floral Heart Drawing
iStock/Daria Doroshchuk

What a beautiful drawing of a heart wrapped in delicate flowers. The attention to detail and soft color palette make this a beautiful reminder of the power of love.

6. Cute Bunny Drawing

Cute Bunny Drawing
Credit: Chlion

Here’s an adorable bunny rabbit drawing that will make your heart melt! The text on the picture says, “I want to kiss you a lot.” This is a great drawing to give to someone you love.

7. Chopsticks Holding Heart-Shaped Sushi

Chopsticks Holding Heart Shaped Sushi

Draw a delightful salmon heart-shaped sushi being held by chopsticks. This idea is perfect for anyone who loves to make art with food.

8. Loving Kittens Drawing

Loving Kittens Drawing
Credit: Angie

You’ll love this precious drawing of two kittens cuddling up together. The look of love and contentment that these cats share is genuinely adorable.

9. Love Letter Doodles

Love Letter Doodles of kitten and dog
Credit: Elle

This drawing features doodles of a kitten, rabbit, and dog holding a love letter. These will be perfect for your sketchbook if you’re looking for quick drawing ideas.

10. Tulips in Heart Flower Pot

Tulips in Flower Pot with Heart

Start with a heart-shaped flower pot and fill it up with tulips. The vibrant colors of the flowers will create an eye-catching piece of art.

11. Whale in a Lightbulb Drawing

Whale in a Lightbulb Drawing
Credit: Amimi

This charming drawing of a whale and ocean inside a lightbulb evokes the warm and fuzzies. The whale appears to be swimming happily, with a red heart floating above it.

12. Woman Holding Head with Planets

Woman Holding Head with Planets
Credit: Heartlet

Get artsy with this drawing of a woman holding a head full of planets. Add vibrant colors to make the picture stand out boldly.

13. Owl Holding a Heart

owl holding a heart
iStock/Alisa Potapovich

Show someone you care with this owl drawing. The bird is holding a cute heart while and also has a sweet expression on it’s face.

14. Couple with Loving Hearts Drawing

Couple with Loving Hearts Drawing
Credit: Emba

This sweet drawing of a couple with their hearts embracing shows not only the power of love but also that special connection between two people.

15. Girl with Heart Lollipop

Girl with Heart Lollipop
Credit: City Felicity

Here’s another one that’ll make your heart melt. This cute girl is wearing a bright red outfit with bows in her hair and is holding a heart-shaped lollipop. The wink on her face adds to the cuteness of the drawing.

16. Blue Cloud Holding a Heart

Blue Cloud Holding a Heart
iStock/Lesya Una

A single blue cloud is holding a heart in its embrace. From it, six raindrops cascade downwards, each one shaped like a small blue heart. This is definitely an image of love and tenderness.

17. Drawing of a Couple

Drawing of a Couple
Credit: Pinterest

This heartwarming drawing of a couple embracing each other is enough to make any romantic swoon. The drawing showcases the deep connection they share.

18. Hearts in a Jar Drawing

Hearts in a Jar Drawing

This jar filled with hearts is a charming idea that you can customize in different ways. You can make your art colorful, add more hearts, and more.

19. Random Love Doodles

Random Love Doodles
Credit: Pinterest

These random love doodles are overflowing with cuteness. From the hearts to kittens to bunnies, I can’t help but appreciate how perfect they look. The bright pink and red colors in the drawing create a happy vibe that makes you want to smile.

20. Happy Person Holding a Heart

Happy Person Holding a Heart
iStock/Anna Leskinen

Celebrate the joy of love with this imaginative drawing. It shows a happy person with flowers on their head and holding a heart in their hand.

21. Cactus Hugging a Balloon

Cactus Hugging a Balloon

This drawing of a cactus hugging a balloon is so precious. It’s cute, it’s simple, and it’s perfect for those who are looking for something cheerful.

22. Bear Drinking Bubble Tea

Bear Drinking Bubble Tea
Credit: Pinterest

This cute bear is having a great time enjoying some bubble tea. It’s the perfect way to remind us to take some time for ourselves and relax.

23. Star in the Clouds

Star in the Clouds

If you’re looking for the ultimate cute star drawing idea, this one is excellent. The illustration features a star behind a cloud, and the cloud is raining colorful hearts.

24. Drawing of a Couple with Locs

Black couple drawing
Credit: Juliipp

This drawing is a beautiful representation of love, featuring an affectionate couple with locs. The artist captures the essence of the couple’s love for each other with careful attention to detail.

25. Couple Holding a Flower Drawing

couple holding flower
Credit: _Naina

This cute and creative drawing shows a couple holding a realistic flower. There’s rain falling from the sky to add more detail to the drawing.

Not only are these drawings adorable and perfect for adding to your drawing notebook, but they can also remind you of how powerful and beautiful love is. After all, a cute drawing can make someone feel special, be it your partner, friend, or family member.

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