20 Gorgeous Acrylic Almond Nail Designs

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From long or short, to simple or flashy, I’ve got some gorgeous acrylic almond nail designs for you to check out.

Almond shaped nails are growing in popularity, so it’s only fitting that I share some of my favorite nail designs using almond shaped acrylics.

What I love about almond nails is that they look good on anyone. So no matter what your hand shape or size, almond shaped acrylic nails will look good on you.

1. Black and White Nails

These black and white negative space nails are absolutely creative and stunning. They are truly perfect for any occasion.

black and white nails
Image Credit: _aednails_

2. Mod Style Nails

If you love the mod style of the 1960’s, you’ll absolutely love rocking these blue and yellow nails.

mod nails
Image Credit: nails_lashes_aus

3. Daisy Design

At first glance, these nails may look like simple white and yellow dots, but upon closer glance, you can see that they’re actually tiny daisy flowers.

daisy flower nails
Image Credit: nailsbybeckyxx

4. Summer Vibes

If you’re feeling the summer vibes, these colorful pink and green nails are perfect for you.

pink and green nails
Image Credit: nailsbysuman

5. Purple and Blue Waves

This wavy nail design is totally on trend. Get this design done on your nails using your favorite color combination.

purple and blue nails
Image Credit: purpleonmyfingers

6. Vibrant Blue

Yeah, these nails are definitely gorgeous. I love the simplicity and uniqueness of the design. Change the nail color to match the season or your mood.

blue neon nails
Image Credit: uvlacknailsbyjess

7. Elegant Black and White

Who doesn’t love a simple and elegant black and white nail design? If you prefer shorter nails, these nails would look great at any length.

minimalist nails
Image Credit: valentinabeautysplit

8. Green Almond Shaped Nails

These green and white nails feature a fun and unique swirl design that’s perfect for anyone who wants a simple look that stands out.

green almond nails
Image Credit: vwnails_

9. Short Acrylic Nails

If this is your first time getting acrylic nails, this length is perfect for you. Get creative when choosing your color combinations.

short acrylic nails
Image Credit: watchmyclaws

10. Dotted Nails

If you want to try something new, these dotted nails are perfect. If you prefer the minimalist look, you can get your dots all black or even all white.

dot nails
Image Credit: adele_nailartist

11. Colorful Acrylic Nails

Go bold with these colorful acrylic nails. These nails would be so fun to wear during the summer months.

colorful acrylic nails
Image Credit: ambar.nailsart

12. White and Glitter

These are the perfect every day nails. They would also be perfect for any events you plan on going to. If these nails are too long for you, they would look amazing short as well.

white and glitter nails
Image Credit: dose.of.nails

13. Blue and White French Tips

I’m loving these blue and white nails. The design is so simple, but these nails really stand out nicely.

blue and white nails
Image Credit: unknown

14. Matte Purple Nails

Consider going for a matte look if you’re not into glossy nails. These nails would look great using any color combination.

matte purple nails
Image Credit: francielelazz

15. Vibrant Pastels

These almond-shaped nails are so beautiful. I love the simplicity of these nails and the colors that were used.

simple purple and blue nails
Image Credit: karissymanails

16. Soft Pink

Here’s a great set of minimalist acrylic nails. These nails would look great on anyone. Choose a color that you’ll love wearing every day.

simple almond nails
Image Credit: kendalkit

17. Matte Pastels

This nail design puts a slight twist on the wavy nail design trend. I love how these nails have more of a matte look.

matte pastel nails
Image Credit: martyna_rychter

18. White Swirls

If you’re looking for simple white nails that can be worn for any occasion, these are the nails for you.

long white almond nails
Image Credit: minniesnails

19. Purple and Gold

If you’re looking for something on the elegant side, these purple nails with gold accents would be perfect.

purple and gold nails
Image Credit: naiils_by_angela

20. Blue and White Almond Nails

These blue and white almond nails are absolutely stunning. The almond shape is the perfect length and the design looks amazing.

blue and white almond nails
Image Credit: vwnails_

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of my favorite acrylic almond nail designs. If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to check out my other posts listed below.

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