Easy Pig Drawing Ideas

Animal lovers will enjoy checking out these easy pig drawings. If you’re looking for the perfect pig drawing reference, you’re sure to find inspiration below.

From simple sketches to advanced drawing ideas, there’s something for every skill level.

Plus, if you’re looking for quick drawings, some of these can be completed in about 30 minutes or less. Once you’ve finished your drawing, post it online and share it with others who are interested in cute animal drawings.

Three Little Pigs

three pigs drawing
Artist Credit: claudiagowerart

This awesome painting features three pigs peeking over a wooden fence. I just love how the pig’s nose looks like an upside-down heart.

Compass with Pig and Hearts

pig watch drawing
Artist Credit: crismmorio

Get creative by drawing a picture of a pig inside of a compass. You can do your drawing similar to this, but change up the pig to make it your own. You can also exclude the hand if you’d like.

Piggy and Showers

piggy and showers
Artist Credit: crismmorio

This cute little piggy is enjoying a nice shower compliments of a watering can. Believe it or not, this is a pen drawing, meaning the art was done using an ink pen.

Mangalica Pig

curly hair pig
Artist Credit: etellabodi

The Mangalica is a Hungarian breed of domestic pig. You can recognize them by their thick and curly coat of hair. Draw one of these breeds for a unique pig picture.

Cute Pig Sketch

pig illustration sketch
Artist Credit: treeebird

This awesome sketch was done by a super talented illustrator named Sandra Pick (also known as @treeebird). Please check out their Instagram account to see more of their beautiful illustrations.

Stylish Pig

trendy pig painting
Artist Credit: gribanessa

This pic is so cute and stylish. Consider drawing your own fashionable pig wearing trendy clothing, holding flowers, and more. A painting like this would make a great gift.

Pig Painting

pig painting
Artist Credit: grace_art1111

If you enjoy painting, consider creating a beautiful art piece that incorporates watercolor paint or acrylic paint. You could even use colored pencils or pastels if that’s your preference.

Eight Creative Pigs

pig doodles
Artist Credit: momo_okuma

This sketchbook page features eight creative little piggies for you to use as a reference. There are spotted pigs, black pigs, and even a purple pig.

Watercolor Pig

pink watercolor pig
Artist Credit: mrsparsley1970

You don’t have to be a professional artist to create a beautiful watercolor painting. This painting is simple, but it still looks absolutely amazing. Turn your piggy painting into a greeting card for a friend’s birthday.

Pig with Flowers

pig with flowers
Artist Credit: nmvida

If you want a simple and quick sketch idea, try recreating this cute little pig with flowers. Color in your finished piece to give it a fun look.

Quick Pig Sketch

pig sketch
Artist Credit: sharilsv

Doing quick sketches is a great way to improve your drawing skills. Sketching the animal you want to get good at will help you to get a better understanding of the anatomy of the animal. Eventually, you’ll be able to produce an accurate drawing of your subject.

Pig with Sailor Hat

cute pig illustration by treeebird
Artist Credit: treeebird

Here’s a cute illustration of a pig wearing a sailor hat with a green clover. You can find a Christmas version of this illustration from the Treeebird Etsy shop.

Pig in the Mud

pig in the mud
Artist Credit: carolinesescape

Why not draw your pig in its element. Pigs love playing in the mud, foraging, and laying out in the sun. Any of those things would make a wonderful art piece.

Babe the Pig Sketch

easy pig drawing
Artist Credit: weheartit

This cute sketch reminds me of Babe from the 1995 animated film. This sketch makes a great reference for beginners who want to draw a realistic pig.

Realistic Pig Drawing

Realistic Pig Drawing
Artist Credit: art_by_melina

I just love this realistic pig drawing. If you would like to see a time-lapse of this piece, make sure you check out @art_by_melina on Instagram. You can also find them on Patreon where they teach members how to draw.

Tiny Pig on Flower Bed

colorful pig painting
Artist Credit: avgaif

Those who enjoy watercolor painting will be inspired by this simple painting that features a tiny pig sitting on a bed of flowers.

With so many different pig drawings to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your skill level and interests. If you’re looking for more animal drawing ideas, make sure you check out some of our posts below.

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